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had to write it somewhere..
didn't joined tcs,when everybody at my home was telling to do so..just for mba..

3 shocks in less than 6 hours..

jmet--was expecting 82 got 74 and 3000 rank
xat-- ar/dm-- 30.75, va/lr--25.25, qa/di-- -1.75(negative)
iift--missed by 0.75
fms--350 no chances of a call..

CAT--QA-74.39(56) DI--93.36(79) VA--75.70(56)..OA--87.81(191)
LAST YEAR---95.15

only hopes now is IRMA

Just praying for two things...
1) i need a job as soon as possible..i will come back strongly next year..
2) god change these results on 12th...
if not for me, at least for UNDERDOG AND DREAM TEAM PEOPLE...I really can't believe it....

p.s-- sorry for posting on this thread......

Dude dont worry... everything will be fine. Right now just concentrate on what you can do, prepare for GD/PI.

Wait for 12th Jan and you will be happy:)
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Happy birthday:)

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Hi Seniors/Fellow Puys

Can someone review mine at

Thanks in advance:)

Last date is 15 Oct.... I am already late:|

Here goes my SOP, request seniors and all to give their feedback and help me make it better:D

Pursuing a worthy goal brings true happiness; and once achieved, a goal leads to another one. As a child, fascinated by the technology shows on Discovery Channel, I always dreamt of being an engineer and I did become one. My engineering course and later Infosys, exposed me to the world of possibilities and achievements. And I dreamt another dream of starting my own financial firm one day.
I realize to make this dream come true I need to back it up with the required skills and hard work. And this is where FMS can help me to achieve both. FMS being a reputed Business School in India attracts the best faculty and students from diverse backgrounds. Also, as it emphasizes on learning by doing, it will help me to understand the nuances of business, dealing with people and uncertainties of finance. With such a high intellect, talent group and eminent alumni network; FMS can help simulate creativity, secure great internship and will be the best platform to enter into the finance world. "

I wrote it without reading any SOP first, so that it is not influenced by any.

My take on above:
1. Ending is little abrupt.
2. I have only mentioned how FMS can help me, and nothing like if selected I will be make a good student sort of stuff (Not sure such thing is required or not)
3. After reading, I think its bit rheoteric as if filmy sorts of.

Waiting eagerly for suggestions:D

OA 68 (Attempted 44, Correct 24, wrong 18

It wil improve next time....

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Looking forward to same. Eager to meet 'the hate'

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wen will they declare result? Eager to see though I scored very bad

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From the day this thread was started I amvisiting it. Thought of nominating myself but was never sure of myself.
But today something happened to me. I was listening to the speech of British PM who had come to our office and I thought to myself what the heck am I doing I was rejecting myself even before others got a chance to do so. Our main task in life is only to do to our best and leave the results to themselves.
So here I am with renewed determination nominating myself for the Dream Team.
Vivek Sharma,
IT professional, 2years experience
10th 87.4%
12th 73
B.Tech ECE 73.6%
Mocks and previous papers:
2007 self study
CAT OA 78%ile (QA, DI both 90+. VA zero marks.Forgot to mark VA answers in OMR under pressure. My score was 26 in VA as per IIM key)
XAT 98.4%ile (QA 100, DI 96+, VA 73)
FMS did not know they give scores of all candidates, so never checked my result
2008 - Gave only CAT as had joined new job. Could study only on Saturdaynight before the exam:(
CAT OA 85%ile (VA 98.6. QA DI dnt rmbr)
Again studied wholeheartedly but:(
CAT 90%ile (QA 83 Di 96 VA 63)
XAT 97.8 FMS 92 IIFT 35.8
Misc Info:
As a child wanted to do so many things but lacked one important thing PERSEVERANCE. I mean I was good at everything but didnt excel in anything coz I always gave up easily. One fine day in hostel five of us friends decided to crack CAT but they all have taken admissions in other colleges (With due respect to every college) But I didnt, for this time I wanted to be true to myself.
If selected in team, I promise to bring enthusiasm and energy to everyone and myself. I have a very different way of solving problems and analytical abilities which will be collectively helpful to everyone.
Hoping for a positive outcome though I have won half the battle by nomination itself
For one and all remember, Failure is not an option.
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Hi puys... can we meet coming weekend?

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Yup, you are right OED says same. and here I also want to clear doubt about appliance and gadget. I have installed version of OED and in "wordfinder" when you type gadget it shows one line " A kitchen full of electrical gadgets". gadget is more associated with "modern" hence we say "modern gadgets" not "modern appliances", I think TIME copy pasted that line in question paper.
really these two questions were "wolfs in sheep's clothing ".

What is OED?
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