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hi Everyone,

Can anyone pls send me aristotle rc99 to my mail id..


Hi kinjal,
Can u pls send me aristotle rc99 to my mail id..

Thanks for the quick reply.
Can you please tell what documents(student's and parent's) will be needed for getting the loan.

I am asking in advance so that if some docs are missing, we can get it in 1 month's time.

An extra set of documents which ur asked to submit by admissions dept wud be more than enough..:P
Kindly tell us whether loan will include
1) Sundry expenses
2) Laptop
or not.
Also wat is the maximum loan amount?

1)U can avail Rs 100000 towards sundry expenses
2) U will be given loan for buying a laptop as well
3) Max loan amount=== College fee+ laptop charges+ 100000 towards sundry expenses + term fee to be paid at foreign university if ur goin on student exchange..
Hey Rahul,
I would like to thank you on behalf of everyone from our batch of 2012 who will need a loan for the course..It will be great if you can negotiate for a better deal for our batch...
I have some queries also..please answer if you can

1) during taking the loan at the campus do we need the signatures of our parents? If yes then it will be mandatory to ask parents to go with me during registration..
2) what will be the period of repayment of the loan?
3) Can I take the loan in the mid of the course may be from the second installment if i can arrange the first one? Will the deal remain same then also?

Hi Anirban,

1) U dont need the signatures of ur parents to get a loan.
2) Normal repayment wud be either 5 yrs or 7 yrs..U can choose one of these tenures. Thr will not be penalty against pre-payments as well..
3) Yes, U can take the loan midway as well but u need to enrol at the beginning itself to avail the loan. Once ur sanctioned a loan, u can take take the money whenever u wish to and interest wud be calculated frm that point of time.
rispa01 Says
For all those who dint get my name, its Rishita, not Kreeshita :P

What's in a name "Kreeshita"? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.
adhirksaxena Says
According to Vamshi Mangu on FB, the girl to boy ratio is a very sad 91.6:1000 :w00t::splat::shocked::sneaky::nono::banghead:

Dude..thats the ratio in our batch..It might be better or even worst in urs :P
nlohita Says
got call from i and k.GDPI for both in the same day and same time in different venue.does any body know who to contact to change it or what to do?

All the guys who want to change their PI slots can do that by calling the admissions them asap so that they can rearrange the date..
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The GD/PI schedule would most probably be announced on 27th March..So stay tuned till then..
Will update u guys if thr is ny change in the tentative dates



Whr did u buy this laptop from??Is it ordered through the website or through any retailer??
Can u post the address??