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The wait for Summer Interns to start, the potential cash flows and the plan to use the cash for awesome parties!

Shashank Venkat @shashankvenkat3
_H__ungry anyone? (Photo Courtesy: ___ *Update on September 19, 2013: *The ownership of this plan is currently under dispute with Jakub Dzamba, a PhD candidate in architecture at McGill, claiming

Thank God they atleast discontinued their exams..otherwise the fiascos would have multiplied!

@flyingfirebolt and only!
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@Nikhil 18th March 8:00 AM slot from Pune
@shashankbapat23 u from Pune? and is ur process for FMS on 18th?
  • not from pune. 04 Mar '13.

Stay arranged in a guest house on 17th for interview on 18th..first slot...anyone interested please PM me...(Male only )

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@awesomeusername thx...makemytrip jindabaad!

Jitni khushi mujhe shorlist hokar mili thi, woh saari ki saari ticket ke paise kharch karte waqt nikal jayegi!!
I live in Pune & work in a renowned Auto company

On a serious note, does FMS conduct interviews anywhere apart from Delhi?
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@devil321 kaam ho gaya bhai tera!