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Hey guys...Any one else facing a problem in logging in to check the application status? Please reply asap.

It would be really great if someone could extend the 'ROI' list to top 10 colleges through MAT

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Yep, her's was the only center in Ranchi.

Last year exam was on 16th March. Going by that, even if last year's results were declared in April, this year's results can be expected in four weeks' time.

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Hi guys

My sister took the exam from Ranchi. Just as a matter of clarification; only students who are enrolled into (degrees higher than graduation) or have acquired (degrees higher than graduation) are not eligible. So if you a graduate not enrolled anywhere, u still remain eligible.

There were just 20 odd students in her center (Ranchi).

So does that giver her an advantage, assuming only 20 students had RBI's Ranchi office as their preferred internship location ?


Sitting next to the board, I would be one of the 1st ones to develop a cramp. Pray 4 me....

p.s.: Seriousness is a good thing the change has brought, OB isn't....

Guys with all india rank within 25 have made it to JB. Congratulations to all of them.

Ranks 29,30,31,32 have some other college allotted (as their top 5 preferences). So its :2gunfire:ranks 26,27 and 28 b/w me (i m at rank 33) and JB. Little too many or can i still continue praying ???

Guys with all india rank within 25 have made it to JB. Congratulations to all of them.

Ranks 29,30,31,32 have some other college allotted (as their top 5 preferences). So its :2gunfire:ranks 26,27 and 28 b/w me and JB.

Hi all. Planning to join NMIMS. if any current student could guide me for accomodation related matters. Or pm me his gtalk id.

Hope i don't miss much of the classes as i have been asked to come on 12th.

BTW, if any1 could tell in detail about what's been goingfrm 23rd June to 5th July.


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Yet another eventful day (or rather night) in Goa. Fresher's party at Butter's lounge was a scintilating experience, to say the least. Had loads of fun. Add to that the slogans of "Yes feddie yes" and "Go Rafa Go" - the epic finals of Wimbledon were but an icing on the cake, especially for Nadal fans like me,Makol,Niranjan. We hooligans went on shouting (and cheering) our favourites to such an extent that bouncers had to step in (by switching the TV off). And yes, the tradition of GIM was also carried forward, wherein the PGP1s asked out PGP2s for a date and what a time they would have had! The supply shortage on the side of the fairer sex saw more than 90 guys (including some of the best brains) claiming to be bajrang dal members (coz what cannot be cured has to be endured). Sunder won the Mr. Fresher crown (for his breathtaking performance on violin-mentioned by doctor sahib earlier) while Anushree got her Ms. Fresher crown for her dance number (proving her theory of "the best things in life come in small packages" dead right). Thereafter it was Fidalgo time and then back to the best hostel in GIM - Hill top. The music is still rocking in my ears and we have a class at 10:30 and an MLR assignment,before that, to be taken care of. So that's all for now. looking forward to more gr8 posts by jha ji.


  1. The list till now...God knows when this tracking will stop.

    325 -- ankur4581 - got IIFT-D call
    331-cat_alyst07--- will surely join nmims, only merit
    332--manjit mishra--will surely join nmims,only merit
    333 - ashish - will surely join
    338--not joining
    344 -- popoye - WL 31@IIT-B, may join
    345 - Herbie... Not Joining.
    347--mayank joshi--will surely join nmims,only merit
    355 -- Krishnazden -- will surely join NMIMS,only Merit
    356 -- fakhri
    358 - Not in PG
    360 -- not joining
    361---abhrabumba---will surely join NMIMS,only Merit.
    363 - akshi_21 - taken up MQ
    370--- nagendra_s_1983 - not joining
    373 -SUNILJOHN---Will Surely Join NMIMS - Merit Only
    374 - hax_2005 - applied for MQ
    375 - Generou Gaurav --- Will surely join.
    377 -parikhdhruv---Will Surely Join NMIMS - Merit Only
    378 - avinav2712 - not joining
    379- srikant - not joining
    382 - rini singhal- will surely join nmims- merit only waiting eagerly
    388 -taken up MQ
    389 - ankit_web - Waiting for a call
    395-.elimin8r-taken up MQ
    399 Ankush jadhav merit
    401 - abhi6886 - MDI converted (called till now as per previous posts)
    406 - not joining
    407 --- reeti.bhatia ********************************************(414 called till 3rd July)
    415.... RISHABH THAKRAR... have taken MQ
    416...shubhanshu----have taken MQ
    420... have taken MQ
    422..aman kwatra.. Has now taken IIT.So no NM. 423...priyank12-----might join only merit seat(converted IIT-R..dont know whether will take NM)
    426..hound_doggie....not joining
    428...Catashwini.....PLANNING 2 join NMIMS- Merit only
    430...TheSereneOne.... Will surely join NMIMS (already taken MQ) an MQ call, will mostly join NMIMS - MQ or Merit
    436 ---kanant---will surely join NMIMS,only Merit. (Hoping so as per last year's movement)
    438---metal---will surely join NMIMS,only merit or MQ
    449 --- jaidutt
    450 - lancer - taken up MQ
    464 - desperado_mba
    469 -- eclectic -- will surely join nm .. merit
    478---Tushar---will surely join NMIMS.
    507-- Niterider -- will surely join NMIMS...applied for MQ.
    529 - mayank
    538 - swErt
    539- manmeetsingh123
    540 - Kiran Prasad/aparichtudu
    541 - anujpachauri
    544 - samdug
    550 - mamta (not on PG)
    551- sagar.leo
    560+ something....cat05
    563 -never_give_in
    568 someone

    571 - sonal-w
    578 - Amit ((called till now ))
Those in waiting and not interested : Plz plz plz post it here
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