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I thought I had a fair score until I saw the scores on PG ....

QA = 66
DI = 46
VA = 56

Total = 168 :neutral:

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QA = 26 :neutral:
DI = 31
VA = 56

Total = 113

Last few mocks clearly tell me that I'm not on the right track with QA.

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Another sneaky strategy by TIME to make everyone talk about them!!!

Let's delay a bit, as everybody gets more frustu, they talk about us more.

Then the candidate will think, "Oooh. Look everybody is talking about only TIME. Truely they must be the best insti. Lemme join."


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Apurv Says
They're not saying that anyone scoring those numbers will get a call. They've just announced the minimum acceptable cutoff. That is, nobody scoring below 20,20,10 would be admitted, even if (theoretically) they fall short of students making that cut. The actual cutoffs would absolutely be above this much! :)

I understand. That's why I said "some of the uncertainty".

And from the looks of the last mock I took, "minimum acceptable" may be just what I should look at for the time being. Heh.

A very welcome move by IIM-C!

Chalo, some uncertainty goes away. We can actually have a target score.

Yes, it may be "easier" for everyone now and so the competition is still the same. But still, with some uncertainty going away, everyone should feel atleast a wee bit relaxed.


oh it was already posted at PG at;_articleid=836

didnt notice it earlier, so mods can delete this thread.

and it was by mistake typed Sin cat ..

Are you sure it was a mistake?

Getting some kind of sinful pleasure from the SinCAT, are we?
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CAT 2005 - 99.77%ile with low marks in Quant. Failed to convert lone call from IIM-K.

CAT 2006 - Did Not Bat

Work-ex - Completed a year with TechM in July 07.

Acads - Heh. To make it sound ok, I'll just say, "BE - First class".
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I think this test is going to lead to the worst percentile I've ever got in any mock so far. Probably in the seventies I imagine.

Sheesh, hate posting these sucky scores here. But I'll go ahead with publicly humiliating myself which should drive me to score better in the coming mocks.


QA -6 (Quantasaurs, Gods, I'll be looking at your posts)
DI - 22
VA -23

Total - 51 :neutral:

The good bit is that it seems that I can still claim max scholarship for joining the TIME test series based on my 99+ %ile in CAT 2005 (didn't take CAT 2006). Can someone confirm this?

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nipun_jain Says
Dude, are you sure your total was 55? The percentile is awesome for that score! I've hopes for a good percentile too then! But it says invalid booklet for now. :(

Yea. Am certain. And my score card says so too.

Avg scores of those scoring 95 to 100 %ile are...
DI = 13.68
QA = 11.42
VA = 20.25
Tot = 45.35

No, I didn't cook this up. This is part of the data they have provided for analysis.

Submitting without attempting a single question, ie. a score of zero, would have resulted in roughly 45%ile.
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Just got back from the test.

2.5 hours. 60 questions evenly divided into 3 sections. Uniform marking scheme of (+5,-2) for all questions with 5 choices.

My scores were pretty much ugh...

DI = 6
QA = 8
VA = 41
Total = 55

I usually do well in DI. And quant is bad...but not that bad. Rather rusty having done almost no practice after CAT 2005. Hmmm. Will improve in the coming mocks.

So what about everyone else?

Scored exactly what I expected.

My percentiles...

DI = 73.93
QA = 81.20
VA = 99.87

OA = 99.53
AIR = 156 out of roughly 33000 test takers

Hmph. DI and QA will improve. Cya at the the TIME test coming Sunday.
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