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Roflol... look whoz judging us!!!

All call getters please register for IIM-K Mentorship Program at - Index

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hello IIMK seniors plss tell one thing

IIMK criteria document says 45 % for GDPI and 55 % to CAT score
this wtage is given in final converts

isnt that a huge advantage to all the 99.8+ ptilers ............. i mean i heard that iimk intw was very hard to clear and blah blah

just tell was it the same last time ..........

My Opinion: Forget your CAT scores now.. 100.00 or 99.00, If you have a call then you are on same pedestal as others.

Your selection will be determined by your performance in your GD & PI rather than your 2 decimal places CAT scores :)

So get cracking and ask us if u need any help/gyaan


Well... I don't see any reasons for this... keep ur fingers crossed, chk the individual IIM websites tmrw for ur result as well as shortlisting criteria....

Congos to all the call getter!!!!

Have a rocking time & enjoy yourselves.... (for now):angel:


Hey Vijay...

Over years VA has transformed into a real monster. With recent pattern I guess there are very few ppl who can claim a high accuracy in this section. I believe 60% accuracy is decent enuough. At this instant what I would suggest you is practice.... and practice more (don't restrict yourself to VA, too much confidence hasn't benefited anyone till date ) .

Next regarding strategy.. Well different people have different opinions regarding their strategy. All I would like to say is that when you sit for writing the Exam on 16th November, don't go in with a pre-determined strategy. Be open coz CAT is notorious for throwing up surprises. So be prepared and don't forget to take a chill pill before the exam!!




My first post on this thread .

Would like to start by asking Jok3r about the micro eco quiz ;). We are in same section as well as in same group for a few courses. Anyways quiz was a disaster (slightly more for Jok3r if what he has been saying around is true) ....:sarcasm:

Anyways life has picked up speed over past two weeks. I am perennially striving to meet some deadline or others. Till now quiz weren't on prof's agenda but now the wheel has been set into motion. With barrage of case studies,reports, presentations etc life has become really hectic. Sleep has already become a scarce luxury. Well...Welcome to IIM-K

The most beautiful part is that we are still being told that right now its our honeymoon period which is approaching its end soon :boat:....

Anyways ... Tab ki Tab Dekhenge :2gunfire:



Would like to nominate myself for IIM-K


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Name : Vaibhav Rao
Institute : IIM-K ( PGP 2008-10 )
Graduation : B.Tech, DA-IICT Gandhinagar
Work-Ex : 0 Months
Future : Wall Street :2gunfire:

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mahi101987 Says
please tell us how to analyse the mocks to improve our performance


Well this is how I went about analyzing my mocks:

1.)Don't look @ the solutions as soon you get your hands on them.

2.) Go through the paper section-wise. Try finding the sitters/ones-which-you-think-are-sitters which you missed out due to oversight or lack of time.

3.)Next come to the qns's you didn't even read (again lack of time is the main culprit for it).

4.)Now you are ready to match the answers. :)

5.)Obviously re-do the incorrect qns's now.

Hope this helps!!

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