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up4gmat r @mansi_2k8
To all those who got selected, many many congrats!!! Am curious, how many of you felt your interviews went well,coz i believe my ding was mostly attributed to my average interview. How did you guys prep yourselves,or how did u feel your interview experience go???

Well, my interview was very average according to me. It had a few highs and an equal number of lows. Overall it was barely okay. (I'd say 6/10). Happy that I got through.

Pranav Thakur @prthak
The wait was long..!! But it was totally worth it!! ISB, Hyderabad, here I come.. :smiley: Thank you so much puys for all your help. Although we have not met in person, we have become like a family.. Thank you all.. :grin:

Time to update your signature, I guess!

Did anyone get scholarship details? Or any idea about when/how they will be communicated?


Got the admit in the middle of a session I was taking. Simply walked out to read the mail [professionalism takes a toss]. Hyderabad campus.

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Rachit Kulshrestha @rac.nishu
Reminds me of the time when we were trying for college placements and I had announced that if I get placed in a certain company I would dance naked in the campus. The worst part is that my friends took it literally :P So just to keep the tradition alive.. "ISB me ho gaya to Nanga Nachunga Kal"...
Vivek Wali @waywardlistener
Does ISB assume that admitted applicants will continue working till march? (based on the work ex till march calculation in the application) What if I decide to take feb and march off for skill building/travelling/misc. reasons? (This is me being overly optimistic) @Llewellyn75 Any insights?
@prthak .. Plan? Are you sure that's the right word?
hey could u pls update us regarding the number of seats available and pls also post ur nmat score.
how much time were u given to deposit the fee and wat all documents were required at the time of admission.
Pls reply asap

have no idea about the seats available... got the mail ystrday... nmat score 84 + 2 years work ex..... given 2 days to deposit fee...
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Not sure but i think my score was 81 or 82
and i have 30 months of ex.

I got mail for MQ on 7th and than i cleared in merit on 9th.

i also got call for mq... can u tell if 4.6 lacs is for 1 year or 2 ???
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How many people are called in WL??...for Banking?

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Need help!
1)Is ARC Verification open on Sunday also?
I am not able to contact Wadia college, Pune ARC number. If you have that please give me.
2) How do I get a duplicate postal receipt? What documents should I take as proof?
3) Can somebody give list of documents to be taken for ARC verification?

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