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FRM , does it have any credibility?


I've sed this earlier and will say that again..that apart from all your tests and preps..I believe taking tests daily or on alternate adys just 10-12 days before the CAT ..preferable at the same time in the morning helps....(at least it helped me..for the NOV 2003 CAT...) next time I had not many test left to write :shock:

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IIT-JEE ? Hmmm....

I know ...... not many know abt it .... excpet those who have given JEE seriously


Well ..well...
yaar ..I was waiting to be thrashed ..verbally assaulted.....threatened with dire consequences ...etc etc....

Its probabaly your respect for this forum ..which has prevented u from doing so

Just wanted to see how many ITians visit this forum ....and how irritated they get by such foolish questions ..(what is IT-BHU ..where is it?? Banaras?? ..etc etc.....) I've been for these many years...
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Varanasi ... u mean Banaras (of paan fame !!)
what kind of engg college is there !!

Good lord ....... dont tell me that u do not know abt IT-BHU ? well the entrance is thru IITJEE and the college is one of the oldest and the best colleges in the country:)

IIT-JEE ? Hmmm....
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rahuld Says
one of my friend got thru TCS AND INFY... can u suffest which one he should go for...TCS is offering him a salary of 12K, and infy a salary of abt 15K... also , he needs to sign a bond with the what should he do...isn't TCS better than infy// as far as prospect is concerned, or onsite chances are concerned...i mean, i really have very li'll idea abt calling for ur help!!

Guess this shud be another thread..but anyway ..well on the face of it there ain't much to choose b/w TCS and infy.... I mean the kind of work one does there..... + on-site chances etc.....

So if everything being equal (means location etc..) I think Infy is preferable straightawy b'coz of 3k higher salary and obviously , no bond.....

Me rezined last month on 14th and missed my hike+promotion by 2hrs :argue:
Well work absolutely ..just browsing the net
spent most of the time searching about laptops day 15th of this month...

so that leaves me with around 2 weeks of time @home ...and after that ...the party begins

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GMAT     Gmat....

Its been quite a while since I tok GMAT ..but from what I remember ..Princeton's tests were definitely tougher than Powerprep's....
Dunno about others 'coz I just wrote the above two... but I've heard from many friends that Kaplan's is really tough.

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No idea who and/or how many here are into jazzrock and/or know about bassist Jonas Hellborg and/or guitar player Shawn Lane.. but those who'd like to try something new and/or explore..

These are vids from their India tour.

Have asked before, but am asking again.. anyone into Mahavishnu Orchestra, Jeff Beck band, Sunny Jain Collective and the likes...?

Well I have just ventured into listening I getting older and can't take too much of noise anymore

Have just one cassette of Mahavishnu ... they are great...
Dunno about Shawn lane etc.... but just bought a couple of Stanley Jordan CDs and ...this guy is amazing too.... that's all jazz-rock for me...(unless one includes the blues style of SRV , Jimi H etc..)

Btw my top 5 list wud be (this is a very difficult choice to make though from No.3 onwards)
1. Led Zep -- The Super band
2. .....(kept no one comes close to Zep :D)
3. Rush (No nonsense absolutely pure music)
4. Pink Ployd
5. Doors

Btw I was lucky enuf to attend one of Jeff-beck concerts ~2 yrs back ...and it was absolutely mind-blowing ....

P.S Norah Jones ....anybody ??
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Yep is the economic times article,curpg-1.cms

My take is that being a techie is great when u work for core techie firms like MS, Adobe,Intel etc..... but for generic services/product companies like Infy , TCS , IBM etc... being a techie can get u stuck after a certain level...

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Hi rahuld,

As everbody else..I wud say....u shud go for infy.... it does have a brand value when u go for your B-School interviews.....
I wud leave infy only for the top 10-12 MBA but not Amity/Fore...
And also given that ur cat %ile is 92... I think u'll have a pretty decent chance for SPJain etc..(did'nt u go for it this time ??)....

And why cat2005.... I say go for cat2004 straight away ..... (though it may become a bit difficult with work..but then u do have to priortize)