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nitinkbhaskar Says
mate close ur eyes and get htc explorer. PERIOD.

Hey thanks but what about camera quality I heard that HTC Edxplorer doesnt have good picture quality...

Hi Friends ,
I am looking for goodhandset betwwen 8 k to 10 k,
I am considering Galaxy Y , Galaxy Y duos ,
Please suggest which one shall i go for?
I do surfing , chat , want to use Wifi and with a good camera quality ,love to listen to music on speakers.
any other suggestions regarding handsets are welcome .


Guest @guest_writer
The rest of you will find yourself in the MIIs, XLRUS, SJ Pains or FMLs by the end of the season. Good luck to all! _Concept, illustrations and graphics by *Deepak Gopalakrishnan* aka chuck_gopal, a Mallu-turned Mu

HI Friends anyone having CFA L1 Exam prep material in Pune please PM me .

HI Friends ,
Need an urgent help from you ,

I am going for MBA this year ,
My Specialization will be decided in 2nd Sem.
I am keenly interested in Finance and want to go for CFA.
Can I go for CFA L1 in DEC 11 looking at the load in 1st SEM or shall i go for JUN 12 Exam ?

Please please reply soon

Hi Puys,
This is Vishal From Wait List 1.
My Query is regarding Migration Certificate,
I have done Bachelors from Pune University and as I need to get My Migration Certificate from Unversity of Pune ,(Pune University)they are asking me for Original Leaving Certificate to be posted to them , I think it is a bit risky , could please give some inputs from your side what shall i do?
is it mandatory to submitt migration certificate?
as you know the university will take some time (Don't know how much :lookround)in issuing Migration Certificate .
Please give me some suggestions.


HI Guys,
Any updates on whether anyone from Waitlist 1 got access to elearning module :lookround

sapal9 Says
has the e-learning process started? i am not able to login using my SID key and password....neither did i get ant mail informing the commencement of the programme.:drinking:

Hi I went today to SCMHRD and asked regarding the same to Asst. Registrar,
She told that once the DD are cleared a mail will be sent for accessing e-learning module.
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I haven't received offer letter yet . I have Dispatched DD and Documents to SCMHRD,
Please suggest me what shall i do for offer letter shall i go on saturday to institute and sign it over there (I think instead of parents guardians sign will suffice ?). Please suggest what shall i do?

any updates on Wait List1 Students?
Do they have access to elearning module?
I checked yesterday but I was not able to login with SID key and password...