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also whoever wana join Mumbai batch must act fast because the last date for registration is closing in .. I think its 25 May

is registration for pristine seriously closing in today??? I havent found a group of 5 yet!!!! somebody plzzzzzz mull me in !


Dear Pgs
I have just decided to join Pristine Classes in the June batch at MUMBAI......

Finding 5 people for a group Discount is now the paranoia....

PLss mujhe koi include kar lo!!!
please pretty please!!!
please with a cherry on top !!!:banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead:


I asked the Matunga Store(Rank Enterprises) wala regarding the TI BA-II Pro calcy.. He said it'd be for Rs. 2800... and that he'd even deliver to your residence....
I read previously either here or on one of the orkut community forums that he had been selling the same for Rs. 2500....
On asking the fellow abt the same.. he started going all abt the depreciation of the Rupee and crap that he has been having to pay a lot of import duty and all....
Has anybody recently purchased the TI BA-II Pro calcy cheaper than Rs. 2800???

And, is it available at any other store apart from this Matunga fellow's??

Another thing......
Has anybody been to crawford market to enquire about this calculator??
Plzz let me know if anyone has already... cuz I'd visit crawford market on MONDAY and check about the calculator....



The 2008 FRM Examination AIM(Applying Instructional Materials) statements that have been provided "contain the AIMS for each reading in the study guide(core reading)"

I noticed that the AIM statements cover a particular set of topics from the core reading material.

In the sense, a particular chapter mentioned as a core reading... has the AIM statements outlining the so called stuff one oughta know by the end of reading the same.

The problem I feel now,
There are particular topics of the prescribed core reading texts which are not mentioned as part of AIM statements.

Now to think of it, would it be okay to simply skip those topics not mentioned..... or would it be wise not too..... because.. some topics being skipped are simply long and are "magga based"....


Under CRMM(Credit Risk Measurement and Management)
Core Reading Specifies Chapter 11...Credit Risk: Individual Loan Risk from Anthony Saunders and Marcia Millon Cornette.>>>>BOOK 2 of the FRM Core Readings Pack

(Ref to the names of the topics mentioned entirely in CAPS)
The AIM statements expects us to read the following topics from that Chapter:::Ref: Page 23 of the AIM statements.
1. Calculating the Return on a Loan.
2. Measurement of Credit Risk
3. Default Risk Models
4. Newer Models of Credit Risk Measurement and Pricing

The same chapter also includes the following topics:
1. Credit Quality Problems
2. Types of Loans
3. Retail Versus Wholesale Credit Decisions.

Now, Are we to spend time reading the last three topics not mentioned as part of the AIMS?? or can we simply skip the same??

Mumbai FRM Junta meet for today at 11 AM at DADAR E CCD:::
I would be coming.... I'd be glad if someone can help me out with this issue.....

is the material now available at laxmi complete??

and how much does he charge for it??

I'll be coming as well....
Dadar CCD would be good.

Dear All,

Lets meet up,

FRM Aspirants Mumbai Meet on 17th May, 2008

Place: Dadar CCD or Chembur Barista

Time: By 11 AM or 3 PM - TBD

Post if u r in.



I am a second year undergraduate at IIT Kharagpur doing a Dual Degree B.Tech and MBA(a 5 year integrated course)
I am hell bent into securing a high end investment job.
In my college, the trend has been such that the high end investment banks have been into recruiting people who show their interest in finance by doing past interns in finance related companies.
I am in my second year now, I am not applying across globally huge investment banks. But I need some place where I can work in the summers which counts as a "finance related summer internship".
I did an internship in Axis Bank, Mumbai at the end of my first year which was all thanks to a Dad's contact. There were several other interns from various B-Schools interning with me. But, I practically did not learn as much as expected. Could some one help me out on how to find out places where I could get to do an internship.


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