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helo frenz......

i am a Delhiet.....doing my from PTU Jal......
would be completing it in 2007....
expected degree %age= 66%

12th = 66%

10th= 67%

CAT overall= 91.71%ile

VA = 80.17%ile
Quant= 89.96%ile
DI/LR = 87.51%ile

i have no work experience.....
but above average extra curricss.....
can any body tell me, can i expect a call from FORE......

yeah u can, decent percentile, although a good due is given to the extra curriculars too,
\ a call simply is basedon ur overall profile. cat wise u clear the cut offs... disclaimer attached
i already got a call from nmims(363) and jmet rank is 984.. so may be i will get a call from iit kgp.

so is fore worth joining if i don't get admission in the above mentioned institutes.

i mentioned my point of view already
I am a student of IIT Madras, chemical engineering with a cgpa of 6.62. So f****d up acads.

a decent performance in 10th and 12th with good marks in maths and science.

My CAT Performance is

Quants - 96.31
DI - 99.05
Verbal - 87.82

Overall - 98.61

I won't ask will i get a call from FORE. which i am sure based on CAT score i will.

but they start calling at 85+ percentile above.

so is it worth joining FORE or better wait for one year or Join Narsee Monji. I was not optimistic about my CAT and acads so i did not apply to MDI or any other college.

Being in iit should i join FORE>

I am not trying to boast, but serious concerns. I know acads are totally fucked so carrying the tag.. Being an iitian doesnt suit pretty well.

ha ha.. well quite a dilemma,,
dekho, if u are sure that next year the situation is gonna be much better with calls from blacki and nmims, fms and mdi too, then its worth a drop, what u have to weigh is a years drop vs ur confidence for next year,
acads wont matter as much as u think they do, what matters after the calls is how those 10 minutes of the interviw are.

placements at fore are going higher each year with bg brands and bigger packages, the dtils can be obtained from forex, he is inthe placement cell.

decision rests un i and is a crucial one isnt it

can any one plz tell me that do i stand a chnace wid a 84.52 percentile in cat .
va- 76.25
overall- 84.52
i have graduated doing BBA in 2006 , with 67%...
class 12 (science) 72.5
class 10- 72.33
have no work ex .
pz plz plz tell me ..!!thanks alot
swati kapoor

very slim chances,,,sorry
screwed up by VA moreover all those keys from TIME,IMS....... all rubish.

so can any1 tell abt my chances:


work ex:
1. ims sim cat co-ordinator
2. 6 month assistance in family business


BE (elec & comm) 2006 pass out

well u are onthe bordelrline i suppose, ur extra curriculars will matter now,
i attach the conditions apply ,, its just my view point,, keep fingers crossed,,
if u get through , then be prepared with some questions on the business u were involved in

P_a_G_a_L_G_u_Y; seems to be doing a good job here.. though am available too. last year it was pg which helped me alot during the prep times. guys gd and interview are a very essential part where regardless of the percentiles u are being judged on a same platform. so prepare well.. strt online gds right here, interview prep assistance may also be seeked..

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old timers... howdy petlad?
u wanna again start comparing iift kol and fore.. well u dont have my support this time : anyway.. how is ur investing going on.. my summers pay will reach for ur advice on investing


lovethesensex Says
Yups i am sticking with IIFT Kolkata...ofcourse i did miss the bus, but the life is great as usual.....

hi ppl, i am in the first year,pgdbm, FORE
will try to address ur queries along with the other FORE ians present here.
however time constraints due to the end terms might make me a little irregular here.
i will however try to address ur problems and queries as early as possible

yes,,, am back, got net at my hostel. so now going online wont be a problem... so how is pg fairing these days, i think the activity neter goes high only at the time of new admissions..

would anyone care to brief us non delhites about the meet!!!!!!!!!