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I think Sri Lanka would rule.. Home team advantage!! Drop veeru?? For what dude? he had the best Aussie trip.. Cannot drop a guy for not performing in 3 matches!! Cannot forget the good work that one has put for the last year. Also, he gives ganguly an additional bowler.. Why the hell we went with 5 bowlers today does not make sense to me? We had yuvraj and Shewag who could have bowled 5 each and even ganguly could have thrown his arm around if the need arose...

Anyway, I go with Sri Lanka all the way through....

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MDI did not see my work-ex certificate during my interview. However, they did ask for it once college started. I am pretty confident they would not accept pay slips. They would definitely require a certificate mentioning the Date of joining and date of leaving.

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From what I know for lateral recruitment, most companies prefer atleast 1.5 years of work ex. If less than that, they treat you as a fresher...

You need to find out from the placement comittee what the policy of the institute is

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What is the scope of this activity?? Is this ragging at the graduate level or ragging at the post graduate or got entu. mainly after the incident at XLRI....

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There was a point mentioned by captivator that his friend did not learn much. Tell me in case you are in a service industry and in a maintaince project what is the actual scope of learning. You are not working on the technology front. The only skill that you improve is the coding skills. I would suspect that most of the guys working in the service companies, actually improve only their coding skills and nothing else...

May be after a few years of that coding and slog day in and day out, you also start improving your people managment skills too.. Apart from that I do not think these companies have much too offer.. Cannot blame since we are doing the dirty work of cleaning up the errors that was introduced by the guys... After a few years of work like this I am sure it would motivate anyone to change their line as it has not met their expectations...

Regarding the money, after 2-3 years money takes a back seat and job satisfactions becomes the fore runner...

There goes my 2 cents of gyan...


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Unfortunalely we have never used the golf course!! Hopefully will get a chance to show our so called golfing talent shortly!!

There are a number of ways to look at it. As some mentioned in case you actually love IT, then stick to IT. Becoming a manager would be based on your performance. I have worked in Wipro for 3 years and most of the managers do not have a post graduate degree. They have climbed the ladder because of the good work they have put in for the last 4-5 years and shown that they have good technical skills. They have poor people management skills but learn it over a period of time. So I am sure in companies like Wipro, Infy, TCS they managers not necessarily have a additional degree.

But an additional degree always help if not today some time in the near future.

can some body explain why guys with over 5 years of IT experience do mBA ... is it for money or something plz respond to this

I left Wipro because I felt I was stagnating and moving up very slowly. Because of the recession a year back, there are currently too many guys having 4-5 years work ex. Salary I do not think makes too much of a difference after a certain time. It is more job satisfaction.

Also, what I have noticed in the last year or so was that the above companies are not too particular about guys with work-ex. They feel they can get freshers who are willing to do the same work, work harder because of the initial enthu and also are willing to get paid less. Nothing wrong with what the company is doing since they are increasing their profits with less exp.

My views on this. Sure not many guys would have the same view point. Open for discussion... :wink:
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The guys at IIMA would be best people to answer this but personally I do not think it would make too much off a difference

I do not think it is impossible to get into IIMA with the acads you just mentioned. May be you would require a higher percentile that a person who has passed out from IIT..
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You need to read and read and read to improve the RC speed and accuracy.. There is still a lot of time for you to improve both.. I remember in IMS they taught us a few techniques like

1. Read the questions and then come back to the passage.
2. Glance through the entire passage having a idea as to what is present in each para and then hit the question so that you have an idea as to which para the answer would be in
3. Selection of passage - should have been on the top of the list. generally i feel that direct questions are easier than analytical ones and hence used to read the questions to get a feel of whether they were direct or need to use my analytical skills a bit...

By leaving 2 passages, you still have around 43 questions to answer!! ( approx. 6 per passage)..
I hope the gyan that I have given is of some use.

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personally do not think it is worth the risk... unless the job is really bad.. when I say bad i am not talking in terms of monetary benefits!!


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