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I personally would prefer online classes or online preps to classes in Mumbai...

Knewton, Mastergmat, Grockit, are some of the reasonably priced online preps available...

zoom2012 Says
Hi Ria! I am a CA...when I was in the same stage where you are currently (i.e. during the last few months of my Articleship), I wrote to ISB and at that time they came back to me saying Articleship is not counted as work experience....but that view seems to have changed as I noticed that during the application process for the Co2011...ISB's Adcom Director replied to a query on a forum (I guess and PG thread on ask ISB adcom ) that articleship experience post completion of graduation is counted towards work experience....Further 2 years work ex should be at the time you join ISB (i.e. probably up to 31st March 2011)

I attended the ISB info session @ CL Dadar... A couple of people from ISB were there to answer the questions... Articleship after grad is counted if you apply to ISB as a BCom and not a CA...when you were doing the articleship you were a Bcom (or may be a semi qualified CA) and not a CA...

CPT is held only in June and December. Whether you can complete by 25 or 26 depends on you... CA passing %ages have dropped to 7%... 3.5 years of articleship is also a part of the course...

Cannot compare CA and CWA. A lot of gap as far the remuneration and the growth after doing CA...

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@ Roshan,Could you please post here the google group name, if created yet?

Mumbai Study Group for CAT 2010 | Google Groups
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Thanks for sharing your Experience.

Roshan Jha
IIMA Aspirant

Come on... please avoid unnecessary posts... Use the Thank you button...

dhairya_cal Says
hi this is dhairya here i would also like to join the study group for CAT 2010

: to the Group... introduce yourself w.r.t. your previous CAT attempts if any, etc and attend PG meets... :thumbsup:
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Happy Birthday.... Have a great year ahead....

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I have my reporting time at 8:30 AM on 6th April...
Can anybody tell, by what time I wd be free for sure.. I need to book return tickets
Also, how much time it will take from NMIMS to Airport?? Please reply soon..

NMIMS to Domestic Airport - 15 min... max - 30-40 min incase there is traffic...
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swatig143 Says
GUys , my slot is on 8 apr,any body with same slot? any good place to stay nearby college? plz suggest.thanks

for me also the same date.. waiting for some one to help!!
All the hotels mentioned in online portals are too costly

Dont look at for hotels near the airport... they are bound to be expensive... look for hotels in Andheri which is close to NMIMS... therates would be lower than the airport ones...
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TIME is a good institute, but only till we consider the Test Series.
If we consider the teaching, I am not sure if they are good enough.

As far as I have seen or heard of them, they have all the good teachers but they do not provide you the best quality.

And yes, consider what's happening with MAYANK too.

I am not going for TIME this time. I am going for ***** Academy by Patrick Dsouza - CAT 09 100 %iler

Though I will certainly go for TIME Aimcats...
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I am Rahul. Count me in for any meets in Mumbai.

I am fine with Andheri...

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