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Seems strange I have received a SMS to check the update on my status in my mailbox and yet I have not yet received any mail.
What does this indicates
The website is still showing my rank @127!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How long will the waitlist move any guess wat r mah chances at 127

Hi, I chkd mah mail today and it says I am waitlisted at 127
Doest it means 127 is the orginal waitlist rank or is it the new waitlist Rank.

Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
The Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Ghaziabad is starting a new PGDM programme titled the "Two Campus Programme" which will have students studying in Dubai during the first year and in Ghaziabad in the second.

ahaa just look at the figures 9.5 lacs, 11 lacs, 15 lacs ,and after that look at the salary figures(avg is enough to keep ur entire life for filling up EMIs, lowest salary to publish hi nahi hoti) a middle class student would not even tread into this territory, all these courses are nothing but euphemisms for more intakes and more money and if placements are poor then it can pass the onus on students right.....

I think you can substantiate that by saying that any B-school needs a healthy mix of people who have experience in their respective domains and also raw talents who can be shaped into any requisite field.

You can mention marketing as that is one area where freshers are preferred
but your reason does not looks solid enough( i hope u dont mind)

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We at MBA! decided it was enough making fun of MBA and II... I mean, MIIs for now. After all, 'tis the season to participate in Group Discussions and Personal Interviews (GDPI), isn't it? So from this week on (and until

really wonderful especially the Dilbert boss and the helpful dude but thankfully i faced a much much more matured crowd in this year's GD and all of them went well save one insti in Pune, where we had all these cartoons ha ha

Seniors can you please tell me whois my mentor?

Regn No.-SR5885558
Name -Dwaipayan Chakraborty

Got the call but nothing to cheer ; It will be impossible for me to attain it on 5th afternoon. Why do these instis have these processes on weekdays, how many days shall i skip mah office.

can anybody suggest me a way by which i can change the date

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I have not yet received my Admit card
What is the last for receiving the same,what can I do if I do not receive it on Time

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First of all let me start with a few of these :drinking: :drinking:

relief is the word for me.....
elated, yes i am coz it is one of the best bschools in india..
after the harakiri of the IIMs i am thankful to MDI for considering me worthy of its esteemed portals....

:cheers: to mdi

and as i said b4 MDI is poised to get the best batch in its history if it keeps its wits about itself....

cheerios puys lets convert this and b a proud mandevian.....

ps no intention to spam but an outburst of the accumulated anguish,frustration,anger inside me...... mods plz b a lil considerate

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XII 93
btech 82.7
cat 09 99.77 qa/va 99+ di 88.82
work ex 0

Go ahead with your 100%
You can surely do it champ:cheers: