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shukku Says
i doubt IIFT part time mba is 6 lac...I think it is about 2 lac

Its really 6.0LPA+ buddy
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extremely happy to find this forum and thread!
I want to appear for the FMS part-time MBA exam this coming year. I really need some help with knowing how to prepare for the entrance. Is it possible that i speak to anyone of you, if its ok so that i can get some clarity. your help will be greatly greatly appreciated!



Feel free to ask any question,doubt whatever comes in your mind.

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Dear All,

We had a awesome meeting Yesterday.
Total 16 people gathered for meet out of 17 people promised.
So its a nice success rate.

Here is the brief description of the meeting:

In the start @ 11:00AM around 8 people were there.
And we started with light discussion like working hours,managing time etc.
We ordered drinks by 11:15AM :)

Then by 11:45 there were12 people.
So we started our mini introduction session.
Like about yourself,and actual motivation to join FMS PT MBA

Then discussion slowly moved to various quries regarding campus allocation,timings attendance.
Many queries were answered but some remained unanswered.
I had a long discussion with one of my senior today for all unanswered queries.
I am putting all in the form of FAQs.


Lastly we distributed the various responsibilities.
People were assigned the responsibility as per their favorite/specialities(That's Secret).
It was very funny session.

In the end i must say it was a fantastic meet

I shall be putting FAQs in next post.

I shall be uploading photos as soon as Ankit send those to me.


ashish76 Says
How to get rid of plethora of SMS that one is receiving from various B-Schools? These have started after applying to FMS. Looks like somebody in FMS sells the private information.

Seem like.
As many people are having same issues.

Still 40 entries done only.
Please circulate this spreadsheet to all FMS 2011 admits.


We have created a google group too.


Invite more FMS (PT) 2011-14 batch guys to join the same.


I was on WL and have converted as per the document in FMS website.

Has anyone from WL candidates got individual letter of Admission from FMS.

I am waiting for mine.Also when can we submit the fees and documents.Can it be submitted on Saturday and Sundays?

Please update if anyone has any information about this.

Yes the have sent calls by mail as well as by post(hard copy).
You can submit fee even without that letter.
You can submit fee till 31 May(Mon-Fri) timings 2:30PM to 5:30PM.
So fee cant be submitted on Sat-Sun.

@SourabhVerma/Ritesh : looking for less work load job is impossible bcoz every company expect more responsible role from more than 3yrs of exp guys .... its luck if someone gets such kind of job .... and entering a product based company is again not easy task. And if I consider my current company ... even if I get permission from them then also I cannot trust them bcoz I will not going to be under same project manager for 3 years .... and no project manager will take someone who is not a dedicated resource.

Man! such good opportunity is there for me and I am soooo unlucky that I cannot grab it ..

In this regard we shall have to take a decision actually.
Its difficult to manage MBA with Job but its not really impossible.
But at your professional front you may have to sacrifice somewhere.Now its your call how you take it.
But i believe this is the right time to complete our MBA dream later it will become even more difficult.
Thanks contactrish

But I was thinking ... if I shift my morning timings ... then the whole week will become more hectic ..eg

I will wake up at 5:30am in morning so that I can reach office at 8am ... and leave office at 4pm to attend classes at 6-6:30 pm and then classes will be over at 9:30 or 10pm and then will reach home by 11:30. Then again the same routine follows and in this case I will have most of my Saturdays working. I will going to have only Sundays for studies ...

This kind of schedule for 3 years is very tough ... actually I live in south Delhi and work in Noida, now my office and college both are in opposite directions ......

I jst want to know how others are planning ??

Thanks for replying .....

Its really very tough to manage studies with job.
That's why many people leave part time MBA course in between.
Situation is more or less same for every person.
We need to take our bosses in confidence to tackle the same.
But somewhere we shall have to make some sacrifices at professional fronts.
I propose to have a meet before we join the course.
Lets discuss all possible issues and solutions for them.

Those who has finally decided to join FMS(PT)2011-14 may fill the following spreadsheet.So that we may know each other beforehand.
If possible we can plan a meet too to discuss various things.