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I'l tell what typically companies do with such guys..

they keep them in their practice depts..use them for pre-sales=>documenting,research,decks,estimation excels etc
and gradually move them up to sales, which typically is a challenging job..
so thats the sales track..

Now in the delivery that is the PM role..its fairly simple..just like any other tech person..he comes Account Mgr.and then delivery head for some practice or center..it goes on..

Now the BA can remain in business analysis track..but the thing is initially he wld not be exposed much to clients..cos they wld not prefer..someone with no exp..so he/she will be used as a shadow resource..for use case preparation, scenarios analysis etc etc.. this might culminate into later stages of the PM track
Again all these things vary with every company..

Thanks...this is really helpful
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Hey ,

The Alumni meet is planned for October 9th and 10th.
Mails have been sent to all the Alumni , regarding the details.

Looking forward to have an awesome time :D

Any idea if Jaggu, Premnath, Kailash, Gene's etc moving to the new campus?
sahil9007 Says
hii.. which job in a bpo is best suited and matched for mba??as a work ex

Sahil - this is a very subjective question...there is no definitive answer to that...
Also nomenclature of designations vary across companies which makes it harder to pin-point roles.

However on an overall scale following are the roles which are open to MBA grads (depending on the level of the college & previous work ex).
a. Process Manager
b. Transition Manager
c. Project Manager
d. Change mgmt/Knowledge mgmt
e. Operations
f. Analytics (online/offline)
g. Process consultant
h. Service delivery manager etc.

As such nothing is good or bad...again it depends what are ur long terms goal and how well does any of these roles augur with ur goals!
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i want to be a business analyst. I am going to complete my MBA by March 2011.

Right now I am doing a majors in finance. From what I have come to know, business analysts have become very important to an organisation, even during the recessions. Also they are required in all kinds of sectors.
But the most number of jobs for them are available with IT companies. So I am trying to tailor make my resume accordingly to fulfill the job specification criterion.

Ya ya this is the same stuff they say about other roles as well...
During recession u need project mgrs to handle the huge influx of outsourcing projects, BA and Consultants to provide their expertise, Transition mgrs to help transition et al...:sneaky:

Truth is that BA out of all roles is the most common and easily available role in the IT industry for MBA pass-outs...they are always in vogue

After consulting the senior level managers of a few companies I have come to know that they require MBA graduates with an IT background and finance as their main domain. I do not have a work experience and my B school does not offer IT subjects.

Previous IT exp is not a requisite for a BA role...I have numerous examples of ppl frm my college with absolutely zero IT bkgrnd getting into BA/Ass Consultant roles.

So I am trying to find certifications, projects, whatever it takes to fulfill the former criteria.

I have read that OBIEE(oracle business intelligence enterprise) 11g is going to be released on 27 July. I was wondering if it is a widely used tool so that doing its certification will give me an edge. Also what if an MCITP(microsoft certification ) is available for business intelligence. Because now a days business project management and business intelligence go hand in hand.also will doing an ERP certification help me in the right direction?

i am confused and require the correct guidance.

Confused...good for you!!!
Anyone who isn't confused really doesn't understand the situation :biggrin:
On a serious note, dude, do not waste money on doing all these certifications for the following reasons:
a. they will restrict ur expertise to a particular domain/app
b. they are expensive
c. companies hire u for ur talent and not for ur skills. Such cert can easily be done (at company cost) once u r in the indistry
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It entirely depends on the requirement of the organisation, where you are fitting in that requirement and how well you perform in the interview if you get a call.


In addition to that it also depends on which institute you have done ur course frm? Whats ur previous exp etc...

Trends suggest part time MBA is preferred over correspondence MBA!
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Good thread.

It may not be important to know how pointers work or which java collection is best to use in different scenarios but it is MUST to know how the development work goes on,various hurdles and technical issues that can haunt at the level of the programmer if you really want to make some real business development at the higher levels, unless you are someone who is happy taking 10 lakh salary as a Business Analyst/Business Development officer but hardly is doing what the name says. :P

@scintilla - so lets say someone is at a typical 10 lakh p.a. Biz Analyst/Proj Mgr job in IT industry (courtesy his MBA degree) and does not have prior IT experience under his name...then what is the way forward?
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It will depend on the specialization you take during your MBA...

if you take systems then you will go into the "Project Management" career path.
If you take Marketing then you will be part of new intiatives, business strategy etc. for your company..

Does one need to have prior technical knowledge to succeed in the Project Mgmt domain?
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Hi Guys,
Am a software developer having 6 years of experience and recently began thinking about my career path.
I took my time pondering over my likes/dislikes, dreams et al and finally have this to say.

- Using IT to transform the way business is done excites me. I have worked with a few tech savvy clients and I know for sure that I want to be like them.

- When you work for an IT company, you dont get much business insight as one would get in the IT dept of a core company (BFSI, Manufacturing, Travel and Logistics etc...)

- I also had a look at the role of a CTO in an organization and would love to see myself titled as a CTO 10 years down the line :-).

So, How does the career path of a CTO look like? esp in non IT companies? And How should I prepare for reaching that position? currently I have a BTech in IT and am well versed with technology and architecture.

thanks in advance,

@Manoj - before I answer this question, one needs to be very sure of the role of a Cheif Tech Office. It's easily confused with that of a CIO. Here's a brief rundown of diff between the two...

The CIO role
Broadly defined, the CIO is responsible for ensuring that the company's information technology investments are aligned with its strategic business objectives. To this end, the CIO has emerged as the key executive for information assets, operations, policy etc.

Where the CTO role comes in...
Because the traditional CIO role has expanded away from the hands-on technical involvement and into the strategic business operations alignment arena, some companies are supporting the CIO effort by bringing in a CTO.

The CTO is responsible for designing and recommending the appropriate technology solutions to support the policies and directives issued by the CIO. In so doing, the CIO is able to marry the recommended technologies to the strategic business objectives of the company. This approach establishes the CTO as the technology specialist.

Let me know which line u wanna pursue...will answer accordingly!
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Blazkowicz Says
For an engineer, what kind of pre MBA job experience is ideal for strategy consulting and operations consulting career in one of the big wig consulting firms after completion of an MBA?

Couple of things here:

a. Decide on an area of specialization first eg Finance, Mktg, SCM, Operations, IT etc. for MBA
b. One done with MBA, work with a company (in ur pref sector) for a couple of yrs or mayb 5-7yrs...understand the various functions etc involved across the org.
c. Try ur hand at different profiles within the same org or outside...
d. Once u have the requisite experience then u qualify for a consulting role (tht too in ur own domain).

One can either start from top or from the bottom of the above list for planning his/her career; but one thing is for certain no one would hire you just on the basis of ur MBA degree in a consulting role fresh out of college. One needs to have substantial experience and an end-to-end perspective of how things work (and how to make them work) to be able to advise others.

The above holds true for other previous posts in this thread as well...
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cat-a-trophy Says
I am right now in TCS kolkata and I want to shift my base to chennai asap:-(. Can any1 tell me any opening in Chennai for B.tech fresher. I dont mind a smaller company and I am still a fresher. Please send me the details how to apply. you can pm me if u want. thanx in advance.

Can u provide further details abt ur profile...

Yrs of exp:
Current Domain:
Pref Domain:
CTC: current and expected
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