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Hey Shashank, how are you bro?? 

Hi, I logged in after very long time and the first thought of contacting anyone took me to you.

How are you buddy?

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ruuud Says
I got a 99.99 and no calls from A or B, just C, L and ABM at IIMA. Still, I find it hard to disagree with the logic used by the old IIMs in giving out the calls, although the slab system used and the normalization techniques across different boards are frankly ridiculous. But a person's performance in the past is a very good indicator of how he/she will perform in the future. If a person has worked hard throughout his/her life, shouldn't that person get some advantage because of it? I can see CAT going the GRE way in the future, where it will only be used as a minimum criteria, and admissions will be based on individual profiles, and that is the way it should be. A two and a half hour exam isn't the way to judge people, their entire academic career is.

First of all,Congrats for ur score........!!!!
I agree with the bold part...They should be given "SOME" advantage.But that doesnt mean those who havent performed 'That' well in board exams should be outright rejected..Man,just scoring 90 in boards doesnt mean one is a rockstar and one who scores 70-75 is a fool.isnt it buddy?? there can be certain parameters(Beyond the scope of this discussion ) that could be possible for such performance in school.I have done my schooling from a Village and No-one,i mean no one from my class or my seniors in school have got above 75% in boards.

There was no-one to guide us and teachers hardly took more than 1 class per week.there was no motivation and i guess motivation,peer group,and guidance are the key parameters.

I am not giving any excuses or want to sound like a cry baby but i would just like to say one thing...This is INDIA not UK/USA where the standard of Primary education is of premium standard and almost every child gets the kind of primary education that he deserves.

If IIM's really want to get the best students there can be several other alternatives to it.They can call the ones with High CAT score and poor acads and those with consistent acads and good CAT score In GD/PI and then decide who is the best Fit.Award extra marks to those with consistent acads but dont outright reject the ones with low acads.Give them a chance to prove their point atleast.

Increasing their Call ratio from 1:5 to 1:6 wont do IIM's any harm but can do a world of good to poor people like us.:-(

Anyways all the best to u for ur GD/PI...Hope u do convert ur Joka call !!
hritik sharma Says
but then even if we gain experience and then give CAT , will it help?? Also how about taking 2-3 yrs job experience and then applying for executive MBA?? There also do they consider 12th again?? coz if they do then this is outright stupidity on their part to just keep looking for that phase of a person's life when he is not so mature as he has been in college or during job!! As per this policy , nobody can even get sick before their board exams and then there is no way tht u can get less arks in 10 th and 12th but u r fully free to screw up your entire graduation coz tht just constitutes 10% in sharp contrast to SSC and HSC constituting 40%

Experience Upto 36 months does help but only considered in preparing the final merit list in most of the old IIM's.Before that only HSC,SSC,Grad marks are taken into consideration.Even Before u enter the second stage,u will be sorted on an excel spreadsheet.Work exp. doesnt even comes into picture for people with poor acads.Its absolutely of no use.

Even in executive MBA profiles are taken into consideration,and Candidly speaking who knows what is going to happen after 3-4 years.(Criteria is getting tougher year by year)....

IIM's have just become Placements agencies.they are taking only those who they think can be placed with little or no difficulty.Even if Einstein would have applied to IIM's even his application would have been rejected coz of his dismal performance in school.

Measure ur choices and take an informed decision bro...What i would advice is not to run blindly after these IIM's...With our HSC/SSC score its next to impossible to make it into BLACKI...unless we score >99.9 percentile ( Even then,only hope is IIM C)....

Sorry for the strong words....but thats the harsh truth which we have to accept mate....!! :-(

all the best!!
hritik sharma Says
i have good Xth 83.6%, but my 12th - 68.8%, and B.E (still persuing) = 79.08% i.e 8.8 CGPA...do i stand a chance in IIMs?? I am the college topper and u gave this yr's CAT without prep and scored 89%..i was shrtlisted for stage 1 in IIM k , pls tell whether there is any chance of getting into any IIM because i have less marks in 12h due to some reasons, is there anyway , evem if u get 99 percentile to get into IIMs because i saw the indexes in iim k stage 2 shortlisting and they weigh a lot on 12th marks...what shud i do?? shud i even give CAT next year??? i am very depressed...pls suggest me the best ciolleges that i can go for MBA in India , i m ready to give full effort on CAT but if always they will reject e on the basis of 12th then there is no point...pls help...

Bro..I really dont want to demoralize u but the sooner u get to know the reality the better it is for u.....:-(
I have very similar acads as yours in 10th,12th and no matter what u score..even a 99.9 percentile wont earn u a call from the old IIM'S.Of course exception being IIM C,but for that u have to score really big numbers >99.8 percentile and with Normalization around the probability of ur efforts being normalized is almost 1.

If u can settle for the new IIM's,u are up and running,ur acads are just fine.There are some good colleges apart from IIM's..FMS,XLRI,JBIMS,SPJAIN,MDI,NITIE,IIFT,nmims...fill them if u want to...

All the best bro !!!

P.S just read on the FMS thread that there is a high chance FMS will also be considering Profiles for giving GD/PI from this year onwards...

GAYI Bhais Paani Mein......:-(:-(
Yeah seriously man I'd borrowed books in 10th class to study,did not had that luxury .many books i wanted to buy but couldn't,those were bad times.I came so far from there but of no use.
god seems to be pissed off at the moment .
can't even spend on GMAT ,guess have to take admit in some low ranked b school.


Sahi keh rahe ho yaar sumit,Even i have done my schooling from a village in U.P
There wasnt even a teacher in my school who could properly guide us through..Just 2-3 students got scores in 70's and i was one of them..That doesnt mean i was poor in studies.Just didnt had the amenities and the peer group from which i can derive the inspiration from.

Guess i should blame GOD for not providing me the luxury of studying in DPS or in any metro city where i could have done better.I cant change my Past..But whats more depressing is I cant even Change my Future now...

I am not complaining about anything but i guess it would be much better if the IIM's Look at the board,applicant has passed out from and from which area he has done his schooling.I guess 70-75 from a no name village school is equivalent to a 90 from DPS.

P.S Final Admit nahi dena to mat do atleast GD/PI me to bula lo.Let us prove our point atleast.I know its of no use but still....:-(

Anyways all the best to the shortlisted ones...
sreeramdravid Says
After scoring 100%ile in CAT, 93.6% in CBSE Board(10th) and 95.6% in AP board(12th) and 8.59/10 in IIT...............i still cud not make it:shocked:

Ye post padhke to main marne marne se bacha abhi...

If they havent shortlisted u with this kinda profile...I seriously pity IIM K.

Yaha kaha time waste kar rahe ho bhai...U deserve nothing less than a Harvard/Stanford/Wharton

I J K L M .....X Y Z me time waste mat karo bhai...Esp. when they dont know the Real meaning of Talent...
Well, I did not go so deep into it, my post was based on what I had read on 'IIMC Call getters' thread. But good to see from your post that everyone has a chance, atleast at IIM C next year (if they do not change the criteria)
Although I think there is not point thinking about this, even just in case some one does not qualify for an IIM, there are a lot of other good B-Schools like XL, MDI, FMS (CAT cannot be given a miss now) etc where one can get good education and learn a lot. After that how high you go in life depends on YOUR hard work and attitude!!

So, what I think is that your decision to take CAT '12 should not depend entirely on if you'll qualify for a particular college.

True Bhai..but Whenever i look at the companies visiting IIM C for final placements (McKinskey,Bain,Goldman,Merill lynch,RBS,UBS,and above all MORGAN STANLEY--My dream company) I just Go Crazyyy Raat bhar neend nahi aati bhai

As a matter of fact,No other college can give such an exposure and i think Morgan Stanley doesnt visit any college other than C,A,B. I am one individual who is crazy for Morgan Stanley.For 2 yrs. i have the same wallpaper of Morgan Stanley's Times square HQ on my desktop.I just hope one day i get a chance to work for them.:-(

Kuch zada hi khayali pulaav bana liya

Anywayz,First things First,Lets get the Percentile in that bracket and leave the rest to GOD.

All the Best to everyone!!
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Ha, nice analysis Prozium.

As per what I have seen for IIM C:
If you have above 80 in both 10th & 12th, you need 99.55%ile for a call.
If you have 1 above 80 and 1 between 75-80, you need around 99.62.
If both between 75-80 or 1 between 70-75 and 1 above 80, you need around 99.71.
1 between 70-75 and 1 75-80, around 99.85.
Both between 70-75, around 99.94.
Any one below 70, maybe at 99.99-100.
Both below 70, ?:o
I just hope they don't make it tougher for CAT'12.

Bro,I think even if one has one HSC/SSC score between 71-75 and one score between 65-70,even then he has a chance.....I have done a bit of calculation below..plz have a look and tell me where am i going wrong ....My decision of taking CAT 2012 depends entirely on this..

Is the wait worth it for general engineer male? why its not recommened to strike back next year

after seeing this and previous year criteria some key analysis comes here:

IIM A: there criteria has become more difficult than last year and its foolish to think it will not become more difficult than this year next time. An AR of 27 is minimum which translates to 80% throughout in 10th,12th and Grad. So if one is in the seventies stop dreaming about this.

IIM B: 90+ in 10th and 12th plus 80 in grad and good extra curriculars will see through.If you cant get through A criteria, stop thinking about B.

IIM C: this used to be the last resort for the poor acads people but now it has also become a little bit high class. though a single 80 and two 70's with very very high cat score.99.8+ or two 80's and single 70's with 99.73+ can see one through. But bad thing is that the criteria can become more difficult next year.

IIM L: 2 80's in 10th and 12th, a high 70s in grads plus a different profile plus a work ex can be beneficial combined with a very good score. Remember girls and different profiles get extra marks here.

IIM I and IIM K: even 99.99 percentiles with a single 70 doesnt get call. IN K a throughout 80 is even not sure of the call. Until your are 85 + through out in acads or a different profile person,forgot.

IIM S; the less said the better

So its good to prepare oneself battlehardened for next year but its also wise to see what will we get after one year of time

And all the best to all..

Nice Analysis Prozium bhai...
Just want to add something to it..

I think Its still possible to earn a GD/PI call from IIM C even if someone has as low as 70% in both 10th and 12th going by this year's criteria and taking into account the metrics that C has adopted for calculating the index scores.Though its only possible if the Overall percentile is > 99.9 (going by this year's scaled score to percentile conversion.)

For those who have

But the criteria wont change next year..there's no guarantee....Could get even worse...

So,JOKA fans out here..(with poor acads)..Dont loose heart...Its still possible but the stakes are high...very high !!!

P.S I also have 70 in both 10th,12th :-(

P.P.S Severus "snits" bhai got 99.82 overall this year and havent got a call from C (sectionals 99)....What my calculation says he must have missed by a whisker..maybe 2-3 marks at max ..