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Hi OA's ..1)100 2)TWO...

Pls re chk ur answer for first one...can u pls give explanation for 2nd q?

My ans are
1. e
2. c

Thank u for answers...OA's are 100 & Two...Can u pls give explanations?

My take is

Q1 - Answer (b) = 100

Q2 - Answer (c) = Two

what are the OAs?

OA's are 1)100 and 2)Two....

abhishekag05 Says
My Attempt1) Median is 140 so last three will be atleast 140 (Sum of deviation from mean = 140-124 x 3 = 16x3 = 4 (If we will increase the value of the 3 largest, value of least will decrease).Sum of the rest of the two will be 124*2-48 = 200So maximum value for the lest will be 200/2 = 100 (max possible is that the two are equal) Concept used here is that the sum of deviation of each element of the set from its Mean is zero. So Choice B2) We have to find the combination of 6 prime nos out of 2,3,5,7,11 ......... 2*2*2*2*2*2=642*2*2*2*2*3=962*2*2*2*3*3=114 Any other combination will result in more than 100 So choice C

1. Five pieces of wood have an average (AM)length of 124 cm and a median length of 140 cm. What is the maximum possible length,in cm,of the shortest piece of wood?

a) 90 b) 100 c) 110 d) 130 e) 140

2. For any +ve integer n is defined as the number of prime factors whose product is n. For example, the length of 75 is 3, since 75=3*5*5. How many two-digit +ve intergers have length 6?

a) None b)One c)Two d)three e) Four

Pls post ur answers with explanation...i will post the answers..tomorrow..

Thank u very much Neo..No, its not too late...I am following the same plan...till now its working good..i have improved my RC&CR; accuracy...
Working on DS...will keep u posted...


Oh dude..wrote a big post yday giving you some pointers about the exam but some problem with my server for the post never reached PG :sad: I hope its not late . 5 more days to go.

Good Luck


Thank u Jez..I can see that my RC accuracy is improving..still working on DS...thanks a lot for ur advice...:-)

Thanks USMba... That was a nice post.

Bunti4Billi, for DS keep an important rule of thumb in mind - after you've eliminated "A" as an incorrect choice, you should ensure that you are not using the information in "A" to check if "B" is correct.

For RC, what USMba said is excellent advice. Also note that for questions asking "what is stated in the passage" as against "what is inferred in the passage" - you just need to find that info again. Are you using Kaplan's method - of noting a one-liner info about each para?


Thank u very much ...MB :-)
I was really confused about my next few days plan..esp abt taking tests strategy...Thanks for ur valuable advice....I am bit relaxed now...Will work towards my goal with calm mind.


First of all relax! The exam is more of how you react to the pressure of the exam rather than testing on your skills.
1. For RC, focus on the different types of questions. There are certain set types of questions like 'Whats the tone of the RC?' etc and you should not make mistakes in such standard questions. If this helps, then try reading the RC after reading the questions. IN this case, you know what you have to skim for in the article.
2. For DS, avoid jumping to conclusion. Ask in your mind, if you are making any assumption about the missing data. If yes, then stop. DS can be mastered in couple of days.
For the rest, go through the tests which you took earlier and revise the mistakes which you made earlier. May be take a test or two... but not more.

In my case, I wasn't getting any great scores either but maintained my cool during the test and managed 750 (99 percentile).
Good luck,
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Congratulations !!! Awesome score..

Need ur advice for one week preparation..I am taking GMAT on 14th Jul.
->To improve on RC...my RC accuracy is very bad..sometimes i get most of them right..but sometimes none!.. pls give some tips
-> CR accuracy is good..
-> DS..my accuracy is 75% ..give some tips here also..
-> PS .let me know.imp topics/concepts to brush up...

I have completed MH Verbal,OG10,Kaplan800...Planning to revise the mistakes done..in OG and Kaplan 800...

Pls help me how to go about utilizing this one week...I have taken 4-6 tests..Kaplan scores are in range 520 - 570 and GMAT Prep 620..Pls post ur Practice test score...Do I have to take more test at this stage?

Thank u in advance for ur reply...

I chose IIMA (PGPX), ISB, Duke, Kellog and Wharton. But I'll be applying to only PGPX and ISB. Not sure about any international applications..


Hi Neo,

My GMAT date is on July 14th ..I am targetting ISB.

I have given few tests...from these tests i am really not able to find out my level of preparation...Scores are as follows.

Manhattan Online test (530),
Kaplan Diagnostics (570),
Kaplan 3 (520)
GMAT Prep1 (620) !!! scaring me

Pls advice me on study plan..for next one week.
Do I need take more tests or anlayse on whts goign wrong and concentrate on weak areas?

Quant:- In PS, I make lot of silly mistakes and DS accuracy sucks
Verbal :- RC accuracy varies a lot...i,e 50-88%.same with SC...CR accuracy is good.


Not at all late

What B schools do you plan to apply? For all US B schools you have enough time till Oct. If ISB is one of your target, even then you are on the safe side. The last date for ISB apps is in sep 1st week.

Just one suggestion. Don't worry about colls and apps now and give your best in exam. You hardly have 2 more weeks to go!!
Good Luck for your exam. Countdown begins
Hope to see a joyous debrief of yours after your exam ;)


Hi Jerry,

Correct answer is 'C'..see Ashish's reply

I think the Correct Answer is D.

If u look at the structure of the sentence which follows immediately after the bold letters-but they have generally overlooked the cost of actually....
It looks MEDIA have had as a focus... is the near correct answer
Whats the right answer in the book, let us know!!