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Beagle Boys ke badshah ....janmdin mubarak ho!

Gud luck with ur calls

Congrats Swati! :)
Would u care to enlighten all of us abt the nature/profile/designation of ur work @ McKinsey.
The reason is that i am curious to know what all is MCKC all abt esp its India operations.

Cheers and Luck

PS: Paddy is right bang on that email adds cant be circulated publicly in the forum.

Since ur a Newbie:
1. Tell us something abt urself here-

2. Find out everything u wanted to know abt the forum and then some more on this fantatstic thread -

Happy PGing!

I'll wear it to office on Fridays
i'll wear it for my jog every morning
i'll wear it while i burn the midnight oil and think of sleeping
i ALREADY wear it in my dreams!

1 Medium Size on the rocks please!

Great work to everybody whos been related to the Tee PrOjEkT!

Great effort Miltond and Team!
spirit shown by u fellaz has been truly amazing


Have a rockin Bday celebration and keep smiling!


Happy Bday Bud!
God Bless U

2 dream four wheelers...
2 autos that that signify the qualities that i want to have as a human being..
understated,underestimated(@ur own risk) and BIG time ego bashers..beating cars more expensive more flashy and more famous.

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI and the Nissan Skyline GTR.

They say the latter has embarrassed more super car owners down the autobahns than any other car on the planet!


Hey...Have a blast and happy birthday!

Second-ing QE.When is the BIG Launch due???

Has to be the Matrix.

Notable exclusions: The GodFather and Lethal Weapon!