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I always love this thread(I mean HYD one)....

chotu meet ka tho plan tha hi... ab bhai ka b'day jo hai...
ab bhai planet I jaane wala hai...
kuch meetha hojaye....
I'm waiting fr d BHai f all Bhai's ke B'day ke liye

C'mon guys decide the place and time.... after all its the party time (for my guruji's b'day).

I am ready...

I have few doubts
How will the counselling be? I mean will they fill OBC seats first or general first??? ( because they convert non-occupied OBC seats in general)

How much time the whole process might take????

I have a train at 2:40 in afternoon of the same day. Will I be able to make it??
( I am 2nd among the 3 OBC WL candidates)

Plz seniors answer my queries as they would help me book tickets properly

nimish.varma Says
can anyone give me the link for the placement report of 2011... which says the average package is 9.83LPA??

But I just want to say you that package doesnt speak everything about a college.. Make your decision depending on all those things (eg: profiles offered, college track record, quality of education , etc)

My choice is IITR for its 150 legacy

For the people who think this is

I would just say

BTW!! By seeing a passionate guy writing poems for this avatar, I thought to give it a try

Here goes a LEGENDARY poem

Zindgi badi udaas hai,
Mujhe lagi pyaas hai!
Mujhe duniya se na aas hai,
Mujhe khelna taash hai!
Cow khati grass hai,
Sir fod dunga jisne kaha :Wootkid: bakwaas hai

Vote for Scuderia (:Wootkid: )

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Hey just came to know the offers if you vote for the :Woot:

1) Roonam Randa is going to strip for :Wootkid:'s victory at AIPM8 (She said same thing for India and India won the WC11)

2) Everyone will be given free tees at AIPM8

3) RAT11 will be Normalized in your favour ;)

So Vote for Scuderia (:wootkid: )

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I am confused about my vote because I like all the shortlisted avatars like
1) passion in profession(with guitar)
2) bharat simpson
3) cat pheonix
4) running towards success
5) PG's cat ko phod na
6) pagalgirl
7) blossom
8 ) passion for love

except for the :Wootkid:

He is nothing special except that

He is like everyone of us(desi at heart like bharat simpson)

He plays guitar and all following his passion for what he love(like that of rahicecream)

Makes his passion as profession like omiey07's passion in profession

Rises his morale even when beaten to ashes more than the Cat-pheonix

He is more fun, more spirited than Pagalgirl

He never beats around bush and stands for justice like Blossom

He doesnt run for success he says success? who cares (it is excellence which we need)

OMG!!!!! this idiot :Wootkid: has the best qualities of all the avatars plus his own features like being extra-ordinarily ordinary, insanely different...

By voting to :Wootkid: all the avatars will feel happy (as all their best qualities are being rewarded) and also its the victory of the whole PG junta...

What am I or You waiting for???

Lets VOTE(:Woot: ) for the :Wootkid:(Scuderia) and make him get the coolest avatar for which he is damn eligible of.
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We know :Woot: would be finalized...


1) he is extra-ordinarily ordinary

2) Everyone of US have an :woot: in him

3) voting for :woot: is like voting for ourselves...

4) what are you waiting for??????:lookround:

Lets make :Woot: (ourself) win the final...

@animal raising from ash, @puyracy : picture abhi baaki hai mere dosth

Request from all the Bollywood,Tollywood, Kollywood, Sandalwood, Malluwood,etc Super stars: Dont encourage PUYRACY... same the industry

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y iz everyone silent..:O
my xamz r done...:D
wenz the next meet.?

One more reject and i will be on hyd roads at least then i wont be missing a meet :lookround:

Anyways I dont think I will be ready for any meet until MAY13th(my last (G)D-Day)

Eagerly waiting to meet all the pagals to can take insanity to higher level.

Fingers crossed and waiting more tensely than my IIT(MBA) results.:lookround:

I even revealed my special talent in the form (hoping at least that will get me an entry pass )

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