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Hr In a pet store there are many monkeys .. all of whom are priced differently .. a pet lover enters and asks the prices of different monkeys ..

1st monkey cost $20 ,2nd monkey cost $40, 3rd monkey $60 and the fourth monkey $100.

The pet lover curiously asks why this differential pricing even though all the monkeys were the same breed he says the 1st monkey can paint, the 2nd monkey can calculate and do accounts the 3rd monkey can write software programmes.. the 4th monkey however does nothing but talk in monkey language..

Now the buyer asks even more curiously as to why a monkey who speaks only monkey language fetch such a high price , to which the shop owner replies

To communicate , manage AND motivate the other 3 you need the 4th with out him none of them shall work. (he is the HR guy)
The ball is in ur court

da ARUN think gupte sir used to say dis !! got ya kaimal

che -lives

hey guys,

this is gauri joglekar.i have done my bms from sies nerul in 04.

i would like to know about the private exams of colleges like ves,chetna,sydenham etc.

last date of submission of forms,number of seats,nature of exam etc.

plz do help me out with it.any seniors who have taken the exam earlier please enlighten us.


hey gauri !!
nice to see our juniors here !! many of ur seniors are registered here !! sorry cant help u wid any of ur queries ....think sai prasad my senior passed out from sydenham can contact him .

Sies nerul bms 03 batch

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knock knock knockin on bhoshya's door!!

knockin on heavens door?

hey guys...

iam getting bored in office thou will mail somethin...

icfai mumbai is organising a finance seminar on saturday called as finance metamorphsis..

i dunno much abt whts happ in ths time our batch is busy with internship...
hence seniors r organising it,

our results gonna come in these days....gosh i am bit tensed abt it....lets see how it turns up......

chal cya

nainaji thoda humko bhi gyaan do...can u take some time out of ur busy schedule and meet us pls.we need ur help and guidance.After going thru all the posts i feel that u r d apt person to get hold off in icfai mumbai.naina can u pls share ur tel no if not cell!!!i can only type Thank you for the assistance u gonna give.

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hey guys why is my screen so stretched......

sorry thought that u guys are comp geeks and so put this question....

my comp is showing every post completely stretched up and so it is difficult to navigate and see the forum.....


Congrats ur comp delivered !!!

Woh elco ki pani puri,
woh chowpatty ki chaat,
Woh Naturals ki ice cream,
Wah usme thi kuch baat.
Woh tiwari ki mithai,
woh raste ka dosa,
Woh shivsagar ki pav bhajiaur
Guru Kripa ka samosa.
Woh local train ka 'suffer',
woh juhu beach ki hawa,
woh chowpatty ke tange
aur joggers park ka sama.
Woh december ki zara si sardi,
woh baarishon ke mahine,
Woh garmi ki chuttiyan,
jab chuthe the paseene
.Woh holi ki masti,
woh navratri ka garba,
Woh divali ke patakhe
aur ganpati ka shor o sharaba.
Woh peak hours ki traffic,
woh BEST ki rush,
Woh tadapti garmi mien,
Snowmans ka ek kala khatta slush.
Woh Juhu beach ka mohol,
woh samunder ki leheren,
Woh doobte suraj ka nazara,
Wah uska kya kehena.
Woh Sterling ka popcorn
aurCotton World mein shopping,
Woh Fashion Street ka nazara
aur Nariman Point ki building.
Woh cinema ke queue,
woh black ki ticket,
Who ShivajiPark ka maidan,
jahan practice karte the cricket.
Itni cheezen kehene ke baad,
aur kitni karoon mein badai,
Yeh shehar hain mera apna,
jiska naam hai MUMBAI !!!!!!!!
i hope u all njoyed........

ankhein taras gaye paar chembur ka naam nahi mila ...

apun ka century ........................ 100th posttttttt
enuff..Tired touring the country !! ....lets get to the conclusion...

My conclusion -----Out of all de cities ..dis city rocks !it is jaan and shaan of india.duno y its not d capital ...i need not mention d name ....well the award goes to .......... buxar !!!

saary wrong envelope ........

it is my "boooooombhai"

missin it badly...

che -lives

hey try Ares galaxy..
its a nice P2P software ...though not good for bolly stuff can download holly movies..songs ,music video etc..

Try it and lemme know.. and check whether u r behind any firewall.

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Abroad for sure !!

Laptops in US are cheaper compared to India.Again i am not sure abt Dubai duty free air port shopping ..(dood spend some time doing research before buying a lappy.guess in d duty free shops u wld be in a hurry so i wont suggest that )

US wld be the best option to buy a lappy.