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Ding over website. no email received yet

traffix Says
Congratulations on the interview invite!

LOL laughed my a$$ off on this
traffix Says
Perhaps they have the list ready, there are in last minute rush to make sure the right candidates have the scholarships. Plus taking care of R1 waitlisters. if the mails do not start in the next 10 minutes, i will be going back to sleep.

Perhaps they are deciding whether to give 100% scholarships to some admits or whether to keep a pool party or at a disc for the incoming batch....
mohitzx Says
No from what i understand is that reject mails go out a day after .....

What i said was confirmed over phone by someone here with Adcom today.
mohitzx Says
Has anybody woken to the possibility that all of us who are on PG have not been selected and hence no one has got a mail , man that sure will be huge.................

Admit/WL/reject - all emails go out today.

I have unconfirmed news that the list has not been prepared yet and might be out tomorrow instead of today. Unconfirmed is the key word here:)


Source please?
quest2011 Says
What if they have started sending emails already...and we are assuming that they need to start....

since accepts, rejects and w/ls all will be sent out today, thre is no way they have started mailing and we do not know. (unless there is a digital JPEG of a blue whale stuck in the middle of the internet)
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Puys, just talked to one of the adcom member and got to know that application committee is busy in a meeting and no emails are sent yet. He also confirmed that all the emails will be sent today itself.

Have fun and do "ANULOM VILOM". Jai Bharat Yoga Vidya and Baba Ramdev.

Meeting?! now!? of all times?!

I am listening to "Awaken" by Dethklok

:shock: i am getting one of those cinematic pre-climax "life flashes before your eyes" feeling. college....ECs.....1st day at work....promotion....the first time i heard about ISB....created login....planning strategy...writing essays....travelling alone to HYD for the interview......and in my head it's like i am standing in a crowd which is waiting for its favourite band to come out on stage. and it's taken so much to buy the ticket!
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