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It would be great if I could have answers to my questions below:

  1. NMAT score is 195, with first preference as MBA (flagship) and Pharma Management as second preference. What are the chances of securing a call call?
  2. What is the intake for MBA Pharma Management program?
  3. Is B.Tech Biotech given lesser preference than B/M. Pharma?
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Puys, I want to know about the Doctoral Program at FMS, Delhi (couldn't find another thread).
An FMS alumni or some other knowledgeable person may like to answer following questions:

  1. What is the real value-addition provided by this course at FMS in particular and other such programs at other institutes (e.g. FPM at IIMs) in general?
  2. Does FMS provide placement assistance to post-doctoral candidates?
  3. FMS's web-site does not talk about its alumni from this program. Does anyone have information regarding the same?
  4. Is it true that a Doctoral program (at FMS or elsewhere) severely limits one's target employers to academic institutions only.

Interested Puys may also fill-up the attached survey on the FMS program options being chosen by them for admission to session 2012-2014.

anjath Says
ur problem looks complicated but im sure they dont need the "exact" salary. they just want to know a nearby figure. remaining things u could clarify when they call for GD. let me know "To" date ur filling. whether todays date or later...

I think they hardly would be interested in knowing the "clarification" coming from me (the way I imagine, it would be unasked for). But, on my part, I wish to ensure the correctness of data I seek to present. I am also zapped on the question of the duration of the work-ex. But I guess we should be able to leave it blank or say something like "till date" or there must be a date by which they would consider the work-ex (like CAT). The worst part is, I don't remember anything of what I filled up for FMS last year :(

Let's wait for the seniors to respond.

Dil ki kashti bhanwar mein aayi hai :boat: :grin:
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hey friends..

i am stuck while filling the form online. it is asking for the exact "from" date i started work and also the "To" date. but im still working. what date should i put there? i will be working even after the fms exams are over. or should i just put todays date.

the above comes under the work experience column

please help. i want to finish filling hopefully by tonight.

I am faced with a somewhat similar situation. I have received two salary increments and one promotion (followed by an upward movement in salary slab) in a year and little over three months. Another salary increment is due in December/January. Apart from that, the monthly salary drawn by anyone depends on the components (HRA/LTA/Medical etc.) opted by that person and is never a divided by 12 figure of the total C & B package. What would be correct in this scenario? Quoting the :

  1. average in-account salary, or
  2. the maximum/current in-account salary, or
  3. the latest C & B package. :confused:

Thanks for any help from the dear puys.

came here thru a link given by one of my frnds wen th FMS SOP thingy was hot ... but hav become a fan and a member since ...
this communtiy rocks ...