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@naive1999 Well, let us please check facts before being judgemental about an institute's ability. Not seeking AICTE affiliation helped Praxis being flexible with its course structure and have a curriculum vitae that fits the dynamic expectations of the industry.

I shall definitely look back at my stint with Praxis as worth spending the money on! Having scored a 95+ percentile in XAT, and with calls from 2 Top-25 B-Schools, I preferred to invest my 2 years with Praxis because of the curriculum and the faculty.

Having graduated in 2010, I am currently associated with Capgemini as a Strategy Advisor to the India CEO, Aruna Jayanthi. Additionally I teach Strategy Management at a Grade A "AICTE Affiliated" Business School in Navi Mumbai and am associated with Neo Sports Broadcast as a Guest Cricket Analyst/Presenter! And Praxis has had a huge role to play in the moderate success that I have achieved in my career, till now!

There are better ambassadors than me for Praxis (if that quenches your curiosity on its credibility)! If you possess moderate intelligence and are ready to slog hard for the next 2 years, then Praxis should be worth a consideration!

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Hello Aspirants!

Please feel free to get in touch with me (leave a post on this thread or PM me) for any queries related to Praxis.

FYI, I am an alumni, having graduated as a member of the 2010 batch of Praxis.


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Well I've already done a technical training. I'm in DCE and companies like McKinsey, RBS, BAIN etc do come to my campus for recruitment. In fact, the non- tech companies more frequently visit the campus, compared to the technical one. I'm already taking MBA coaching.
So if you could tell which one among the three, Nestle, KPMG,McKinsey would be better.
Thanks a lot!

That's great to know!

Now as for the choice between the companies mentioned you need to consider:

1. Your aptitude towards one specialization that you are likely to opt for during MBA and then decide which project offered by one company suits you the best

2. Also quality of the project offered - whether it is a live project and of significant impact to a company, ur own learning and takeaway from that, competencies sought, stipends offered, and so on...

Happy decision making!
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What kind of an internship would help me in a B-School entrance interview?
I'm doing engineering. I've already done a technical one and was planning for a non-tech this time.

I have some contacts in Nestle, KPMG, McKinsey etc..

Right now, please focus on the engineering degree that you are undergoing. Dilution of focus (heading for a business internship when pursuing a technical degree) may actually not impress the panel. Your current studies and the learning that you take out of the same shall be extremely important when you sit for that all important interview.

Any which ways, an internship that shall entail you to a door-to-door selling job wouldn't anyways bring a halo around your head.

So pursue your current course with all attention. If you are that keen on starting preparations towards getting into a B-School, try and master the aptitude tests!

Cheers and best wishes!
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Kindly report if you have any issues with any post or use the PM option instead

So do you think that this language is allowed in PG and is not against PG rules

Check if the language is derogatory...If yes, kindly raise an issue with the moderators...I am sure they will be more than willing to help!

Sir your declining offers from the mentioned colleges was your personal decision , it may be right or wrong, so i hope it didnt mean to downplay these colleges and comparison is not allowed on PG , again PG rules if i may say so

I can understand you being upset about the post , but you could have easily PMed the person and asked him\her to edit the post, but instead you have also used such sentences which are not according to PG rules as well

Check of the language is derogatory...If yes, kindly raise an issue with the moderators...I am sure they will be more than willing to help!

There are no undertones of comparison between colleges...Accepting or rejecting calls from certain colleges has more to do than just rankings - curriculum vitae, profiles of peers, location, types of companies visiting and industry fit, consideration given to fitment in a B-School, promise that a new institute holds up, industry interface amongst many others. So the whole issue of selecting one B-School over others need not boil down to the rejected ones being worse off. It depends on personal choice mate!

And if there are undertones of comparison please bring that to the notice of the mods. There absolutely isn't one single sentence where I have overstepped the line...

And how about administering yourself a dose of your own medicine! Am pretty sure that you could have raised your probs through a PM to me as well!

Anyways, any further replies or arguments pertaining to same would be given a silent treatment from my side because the same dilutes the whole purpose of this thread.

And FYI, everything's well between Sambit and I. So one need not take any pain to try and resolve on what is already a resolved issue!

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sams890 Says
At Ur percentile, U shd not even think of joining praxis..Better focus of GD/PI prep of other intitutes u have applied and try to convert them..

At ur percentile, TAPMI and KJS-IB seem to be good options followed by Welingkar and IMT-N..
Not sure abt PRAXIS..

Hi Sambit,

Just happened to glance through the mentioned posts of yours and the same makes for a very unpleasant reading. For someone, with limited knowledge about an institute, the quote - "at Ur percentile, U shd not even think of joining praxis.." is really derogatory and against the PG posting rules - which I think you must be well aware of with the status of a Hardcore PG.

Do refrain from opining about a subject which you have limited knowledge about. While I do appreciate the effort undertaken to help a fellow puy with doubts lingering about the mentioned institute, you should also have taken the effort up to go through the institute's website and check other credentials before you came up with such strong opinions.

Anyways, I have cited some references for you to browse through to augment the much desired help that you have been extending to aspirants -

websites - 1. Praxis Business School 2. Kollaborative Klassroom

And it seems that you are a resident of Bhuvaneshwar! In that case, you might as well check up with guys from XIM-B (hope you will definitely carry knowledge about this institute!) about Praxis's credentials and that of its dean - Prof. Srinivas Govindrajan and other fellow faculty members.

In case these still prove insufficient, you now definitely know one person that you can revert to in times of crisis!

Note - For you to experience one moment of Eureka!.....just thought about mentioning my credentials

XAT Score - 94.97 percentile CAT Score - 88 percentile.....

Declined offers from XIME, LIBA and Welingkar to join Praxis (and there were quite a few other lunatics like me) - Offered a BA profile with a company of repute alongside XLRI and SIBM recruits.

I urge fellow puys to undertake comprehensive research on an institute of interest that includes not just placement package figures but profiles (job responsibilities), summer internship project details, subjects being taught, faculty (permanent and visiting), corporate interfacing, fellow profiles of joinees, activities undertaken outside classrooms and of course opinions of responsible puys on PG.


Budhaditya Banerjee
Business Analyst - ITC Infotech India Ltd.
Alumnus - Praxis Business School (Batch - 2008-10)
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I thought I would step in here - I am a 91 percentiler and I joined Praxis - I had options similar to yours. Surprisingly, IMS folks did not sell Praxis to me at all - I feel IMS is actually hesistant to suggest Praxis for the precise reason that they have a stake in it. My reasons for opting for Praxis were simple - very good faculty, small batch, great placement profiles. I have experienced Praxis for 8 months and I am more than convinced that I made the right decision. You need to take your own call though.:cheerio:

May the force be with you!!!

hi buddy.
i hv been selected by PRAXIS, but my father doesn't want me to take admission there. because i'm from mumbai and he doesn't want me to go to Calcutta. u selected praxis because u r from calcutta.
basically my father wants me to do MBA from mumbai.
please suggest some ideas, how to convince my father.
also i'hv call from IBS Hyd and hv applied to KJSOM, Welingkar, TAPMI, IMT.

Hi Puys!!

Seems like quite a few discussions are surrounding around Praxis....Thanks to cydart for having taken the initiative and having quoted his experience....

Now coming to Vinod's query - buddy, MBA shall be your latest qualification before you join a corporate and the quality of education that you shall receive during these two years shall dictate the corporate that you join, your profile in the corporate, if not your entire life.

Parents do want to be in close affinity to their children and its not different with anyone. But you will always find the accomplished people who have outgrown the parental affection to select the one institute which promises them a better future....I am sure you are smart enough to make your parents understand the same....

Concentrating on the same vein, I shall request you to kindly take a tour of the campus (not just Praxis, but all the other schools that you have fetched calls from). Having done that, he shall definitely see quality concerning academics, the faculty, placements (profiles and packages) and then, trust me, you really don't have to try to hard to convince him!:cheerio:

And the institute thrives on the diversity of students (backgrounds, locations, profiles amongst others) - so consider cydart as just another localite who makes up that select few who come from Kolkata...

Wishing you the very best in your decision making and your future!


Budhaditya Banerjee
Business Analyst, ITC Infotech India Ltd.
Alumnus - Praxis Business School (2008-10)
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CAT     None
@ Upalimishra,

1. Refer to my post above
2. No Sectionals
3. Check the college web site for details

Hey Harish,

First of all congratulations on the completion of the B-School fest - Spardha....really missed being there

And feels good that the placement season has started with a bang with the likes of ICICI Bank, HP, PwC and Delloite having already visited campus and having made offers!! And there are pretty impressive companies lined up to!

But, can we like speculate on the probable cut-offs this year for freshers. I know for experienced people the profile does carry a lot of weight, but what can be a probable cut-off range for a fresher?

Asking this coz I keep getting similar queries from aspirants!

hi puys,

X-> 88.4%
XII-> 84%
B.Tech->8.1 cgpa
Work ex-15 months till date n IT
extracurricular-> decent..but not that grt

Simcat-> 80-90%ile.:splat:
could anyone please help me out? Can anyone please suggest whether I should apply for S.P.Jain/Nitie with the above mentioned profile. Is this acad & trend in mock scores good enough for them.Wht r the chances?. Any other colleges?

Well....difficult to comment on your chances in SP Jain as very few have been able to decipher the secret behind selection in SP Jain. Overall profile really does matter and the quality of applications received shall decide your fate in SP Jain.

NITIE is a simpler puzzle to solve. Get a 97 percentile plus to guarantee yourself of a call for GD/PI.

Other colleges that you may want to apply to can only be commented upon once you have made a clear statement about the specialization that you may opt for once in a B-School.....

Best Wishes!

Budhaditya Banerjee
Business Analyst,
ITC Infotech India Ltd.
Praxis Business School, Kolkata (Batch of 2008-10)
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My Acads
10 th- 87
12 th- 95
B tech- 71.5
wrk ex 4 mnths as of now in one of the BIG 4 IT companies.

my CAT attempt this time
QA-- 16

with good accuracy

I am interested in Finance .I wanted to apply accross in the percentile range of 85 to 99.Please suggest me other good colleges apart from what i have applied in the same percentile range.

I have applied to IMT,IMI,KJ SOMAIYA,TAPMI,MDI. I have also applied to MFC.seniors please can you throw me some light on the course MFC and its placements, student profile.
thanks in advance.

Well, in addition to all the colleges that has been mentioned, you should consider Praxis Business School, Kolkata as one of the better destinations to study Finance and Marketing. The academic inputs from our own professors and adjunct faculty from XIM-B and XLRI are of the highest quality. Also there is a separate concentration in Risk and Treasury which is run in collaboration with the corporate.

And as far as placements are concerned, its really impressive. Top consultancies like PwC ( Recruited from Praxis for a Consultant Profile ) and
Delloite ( Recruited from Praxis for Assistant Manager - Transfer Pricing Profile) visit our campus regularly. In addition to that, we have had Grant Thornton offering a student a PPO for a Consultant profile, ICICI bank selecting students for Assistant Manager (AM-2) profiles and the like. You can ask fellow members in PG and in the corporate about the richness of the mentioned profiles.

All said and done - provided you have a percentile in excess of 85 (if you are a fresher; lower percentiles than that may fetch calls if your overall profile is really impressive), and you are confident about your GD/PI skills, Praxis is where you may well find yourself, getting corporate ready for a career in Finance

Best wishes!

Budhaditya Banerjee
Business Analyst,
ITC Infotech India Ltd.
Praxis Business School (Batch of 2008-10)
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