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Most of the instis. IIM ABC, spjMumbai and IMT needs 5+ years.
Although great lakes chennai is a good option for junta having less than 5 years exp.

you don't need to be a manager (good if u are) . See batch profile of students in the official sites and you can see the clear picture.

hello folks,

I am Pushkar, a techie having 2.5 yrs of experience. This experience also includes a continuos slide in my cat%tile from 94 to 87 to 70s.

Its as simple as that If we want more we have to do more.
So lets get on with the business.

For english prep I have started with some heavy book reading. Currently I am reading Lance Armstrong's autoBiography, which is truelly inspiring :)

ATB to all of you


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im in the core program in nmims.
a few points of information for all
conversion was not at 114+ last year. i got a written score of 100 and a gd-pi total of 14/20 and a 0 in work ex, making my total score 114. and i was confortably in. there were plenty below my score who got in too.

Thnx for the effort.

My rommie cracked NMAT last year (final convert) at 95 written score, he got a rank around 550.
He was having 1.5 years of work ex..

cheers and hope for the best !
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We have students from the top firms with more than 5 years experience as well, at the end of the day, its your personal call,


Thnx for the reply prateek !
I was searching thru the IITR site but not able to find avg package figure but read in one of the post that it was 7+ last year.

Now in the current global scenario where even some iims are also struggling to lure the companies for summer internships and placements, IITR is no exception.

But still how do u see IITR in the coming 1-2 years as far as Placements packages and company profiles are concerned.


Hi guyz,

IITR no doubt is a great college but just coz I am having 2.7 years of work-ex in one of the top 3 indian IT firm, i want some suggestions from the current students.

I am having 2.7 years of work-ex in one of the top 3 indian IT firm.
If I make it to IITR will it be better if i join or shud I aim higher?

Though it's an indivudualistic decision but I hope many of you must have gone thru this dilemma last year before joining...


Q-statmnts:some red are blue,all blue are green,no green is orange
conclusions-1)some red are not blue
2)some green are blue
3)some red are orange
4)some blue are red
now,i markd 1 and 2 as ans......the ans given here is all of the above...plz explain

I think the answer shud be 2 and 4.
for 1 : when we say (some x are y )=> atleast one x is there which is y and atmost all x can be y..
hence 1 can't be the answer.

for 3 : there can be a possibility in which there is "no relation between red and orange"
Venn diagram approach: from the info given in the statements, we can draw circle representing all orange independently without overlapping any other colour(red, green etc.).

Hope it helps.
Do correct me if i'm wrong!
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This might be helpful (where to find gazetted officer?)


I am from bangalore and will get it attested from a doc close to electronic city.
But I have heard that Jayadeva hospital has a proper counter for attestation and you can also try in NIMHANS hospital.
But Jayadeva does have a dedicated counter(it's behind the main hospital, I think)
Both are near Bannerghatta.

also any SO of a police station has the right but they don't do it normally.

Hope it helps

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chunin Says
i got it attested by a doctor in bangalore...but the thing is they only have kannad english...will that be a prob? anyone else from bangalore could suggest me where to go n get this thing done?(i tried bank managers but apparently they are are not gazetted )..

This might be helpful (where to find gazetted officer?)

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saket_lal Says
hi guys pls advice .... i ve got d photo attested but notary did not sign on photo instead she signed next to it on d rubber stamp which covers half of d photo. is that fine .... or do i require a sign on photo also ..... thanks in advance .....

I don't think there is nething to panic about.

if the seal is overlapping ur photo that itself means that the pic is attested. So I think thats all right.
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spatwardhan Says
I have one query.Do we have to get the photograph attested after pasting it on the admit card?

Yes once pasted you have to get it attested (sign, seal etc) by a gazetted officer.

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