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I hope that's the case bro. Cheers!

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Ibra ki baat chal rahi hai toh mein bhi kuch bolna chahata hoon. I am a Milan supporter. Been floowing them for over 10 years now!!

Hamare club ke gote lag gaye hai from an economic perspective. Sad feeling hai be.

Aaj raat ko Milan derby hai and in exactly 7 days I'll be writing CAT!!

Chalo dekhte hai kya hoga.

Hey. Just a quick question and a silly one at that. I am still not able to view the solutions for AIMCAT 1309. I mean the solution for every single question. I joined the test series late so 1309 was my first mock. Can anyone tell me where and when I can view the solution for each question?

QA/DI - OA 21. Correct 16, Wrong 5. Score 43.

VA/LR - OA 23. Correct 15, Wrong 8. Score 37

Overall Score - 80.

An improvement over my last score but really not good enough. Will work harder from now on. The work I've put in has had a good impact on my scores.
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@shashikhawani said:
you can mention 0 now... if u get the letter, then u can edit the details before the last date of registration..
All the Best
Thanks a lot!