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Dear all,It is really surprising and shocking to have seen a few comments on these posts. I said so because it is really hard to believe on such negative thoughts and perceptions about SP Jain, its placements etc. After more than 5 years of my work ex, I purposely and particularly opted for SP Jain and for GMBA course, and I am happy to say and share that it did not happen by chance. Coming here, knowing the staff, and most importantly the faculty it felt great to have chosen this course.I should not share in this forum about the quality of faculty, the teaching and efforts of other support staff in my MBA journey, but when I used to mention proudly about these things in front of friends from other well reputed B-school they recognized how well worth it is.Talking about placements guys let me tell you very honestly and frankly, many top B-schools have week, or days for placement. You crack it or get stuck but the story is short lived. In SP Jain I have seen how early the placements gets started for the batch, how much efforts the corporate relations and placement committee takes in ensuring relevant profiles come and giving adequate opportunities for all. To your surprise how often have you guys heard that the staff responsible for placements pushing hard for placing students from last and even last to last batch, I saw it happening in SP Jain. It €™s the relationship that gets built here and you will see how it gets taken care.It is too small, if I would sound trying to convince you guys about SP Jain College or for GMBA and other courses offered but the broad picture is if you seek to make big decisions, STOP getting fooled by some nasty comments by people (who you never know might have some really unreasonable basis behind their perceptions and comments).I wish you all the very best, Don €™t just act smart be Wise.Br
I second that! As I posted earlier, Don't be uni-dimensional and come here only for jobs. Decide strongly on why you need MBA and work towards it. Rest all will follow!
@User666 while I feel sorry for you buddy, please don't try to portray SPSGM in a bad light!

@Rest: I don't have much time for these discussions, However a sincere suggestion. Please don't let salary alone be your decision or don't go with one or two students info as college info. Our placements started in Jan'13 and it's rolling placements (will be having placements till June'13). Ppl who got rejected in 1 or 2 interviews may be frustrated and ppl who got placed will be elated! I can comment from Dubai batch, around 30% got placed already and majority will be placed in coming months.

So don't let this salary details and other placements stuff influence your decision. I am a proud SP Jainite and took the toughest decision of my life to leave a comfortable job within an IT giant (6 yrs exp). I can proudly say that last one year is a life changing experience, I got every dime worth of investment...More importantly the 1 year I spent!

@User666 said:
Completely not worth ur time..would definitely advise u to look elsewhere...
You are given various tools and excellent faculty! If you can't utilize them then god helps!
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Helloo .. I will be applying for the class of 2015 .. however i feel its a pretty expensive course ? The total expenses will come around 30 Lakhs and avg placement as shown on website is 13 lakhs ! Can an alumni throw some actual picture on the % of placements and quality of education ??Thanks !
Hey Prateek, I will be graduating in a week. Got placed in a reputed company, more importantly got a dream role! MBA is a long term investment and shouldn't be calculated based on an annual salary. However, just to answers your query, I got a 4 times jump to my earlier package (worked with an IT giant earlier and got an offer in Dubai now). To ppl who contacted me on FB or other online foroums, I am not giving my position or other details because it shouldn't influence your decision to join a B-school.

MBA is more to do with the overall growth, though earnings post MBA will be a factor it shouldn't be a sole factor. Please decide upon KPIs that matter to you and work towards it!
Hi Everyone,

Its good to see a dedicated forum for GMBA November 2011 batch for SPJAIN.

I am a deferred candidate (from April 2011) for November 2011 batch and joining in Investment Banking and Wealth Management course.

Please find my profile below:

10th : 81.2 % CBSE
12th : 81.2 % CBSE
B.Tech: 70.5% UPTU (Electricals and Electronics)
Work Ex: Working with Infosys as a Senior Systems Engineer and will complete 47 months at September end.

Please let me know in case you have any queries and doubts, I will be more than happy to resolve them....

All the best to the applicants.....hoping to see you in November...

Keep rocking....

Hi Abhineet, I am also an IT guy looking for IB..could you please drop me ur number as a message, have some queries!

Bhavya, looks like u became expert with the intvw Qs I am with IT for abt 5.5 yrs(in a top MNC) ..wit a 1 yr exp in canada...luckily or unluckily I am in SCM domain for the last 5.5 yrs...Did as a TL & took care of billing etc for the account. I have chosen Investment Banking as first pref, wats ur take I know the advantages of IB but thinking best way to keep that..your take on this pls

While taking the GMAT, do we have to select the list of schools where our GMAT score will be sent free of cost before the exam or after the exam ?

We need to do that before taking the test. Don't worry much, just remember the country & state of the Bschool which ur choosing. It's untimed section and pretty user friendly drop down menus!

HI buddy, Pune Pearson server ditched me As of now there are no dates available, So may not make to Ivey this year. Taking a 2 weeks break and will be hitting GMAT by year end. ATB for your interview!

All The Best @Lezra .. hope u come out of the intvw call with flying colors

@delhitravelled & all , Congrats folks! u ppl did a great job.

@overlord : Hi buddy, thanks a lot for the superb info. Despite heavy course load,ur urge to help us is highly appreciable. I see the most of our folks got the schols as well. Are these a first come first serve basis ? I am planning to apply for R2, giving GMAT on Aug 18th, will I have a fair chance to get Schols (I guess GMAT plays a crucial role in this, I am a IT guy with 5yrs 4mnths ex, got an Exec MBA from IIMC,good EC & Acads)