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that is the percentile score and not the xat score....

I think even that is hoax that we students have only created just because of the "xavier" name
hmmm...something to think about....
there is absolutely no use thinkin abt it now

i think its been too much for us now.....

hi ..this is about the gdpi that ws conducted on 24th. we'll as far as the college is concerned things are slightly laid back..and yess why not as there is no reason for Ranchi to hurry up that fast. Things were going on slowly and the process started by 9:30. After reading the posts i can say that there is some music playing in the campus regarding the fixing n stuff. We got the topic "Wheel moves round and round"...ya..the one that was already given on 21st.. if i am not wrong...I could see some "people" moving with their "candidates" in the campus behaving as if the classes will start on 24th itself. GD did start like fish market but it finally ended like a vegetable market. Interview was decent for all with 2 panels sitting and asking questions mostly from the past work done. The college people have made many mistakes with the application nos of the candidates...which confused few including me. Over all good place to study with the money invested .......simple...wat need is placements ...and good knowledge....BEST OF LUCK TO EVERYONE !!!

You will get through . Dont Think twice Its allright !!!

Hi puys ..i just wanted to discuss few things with all the xiss aspirants. We have been discussing about all the aspects of xiss till the GDPI list came out . I dont find that there has been any discussion about the internal management seats till the dates of gd pi came out. I think these topics will create more complications with the fellow aspirants and will de motivate us. In fact i want seniors to come out with answers. It will be a great help to all of us. In the first half of the admission process we have never discussed about any unfairness.....then we all apply to it...and now we are discussing things which will make us insecured ??? Letz not do it !!!

The topics in GD PI prmarily focusses on the social issues and we have to prepare about the year's latest social issues n the PI stage i think the question is very much answered with the view point that we have to think about the answers of why to go for a personnel management which has the aspect of industrial relations and trade unions. So if a person has a background of an engineer then he/she has to think about the aspect of the answers that suites an IR and a PM with the kind of background. I am myself a 5 yr law graduate so i think we have to do some basic thinking before shooting answers.

I think the reporting time i saw was 8:50...but gr8 if we square them around and make it 8:30...