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@ mostly u shud make it ............ppl sayin jb obc cut off to be around 146-147

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i hav a score of 163/240.............wht r my chances??

frnds y not all ppl who r mumbai home university students n aspiring for jb post their scores........coz since it hs only 42 seats we cn get an idea whr we stnd..

yaa even i had calld up the dte help line they sd its on 14th june, whn my frnd calld up they sd on or be4 14 jun so they may cum be4 also..........lets se wht happens coz even the written tests results hd come 1-2 days be4 the date (aftr posponmnt) they hd given

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any way to know te official date for results????

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whn r the results expectd?????

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hi frnds herz my exp,

gdpi date: 23 rd may
time : 9.30 am
venue : sydenham college , mumbai

had a panel of 3 , 2 elderly ppl plus 1 yung women , 1 man seemed short temprd , the othr talkd in such a manner tht no1 cud mak out wht he ws sayin. we were offrd the choice of 2 topics
1) cn india afford 2 mov from agriculture to service n industry
2) supply creates its own demand

evry1 choose the 1st one.......
i startd the gd by sayin lets c hw much each sector contributes to the gdp
servic 60% industry n manufactr 20% agri 20 %
to this 1 person immediately cut me n sd , i wud lk to correct u agri is 8%??????? (whr did he get this frm)......n the judges seemed lk agreeing with him....whn i ws about to correct anothr person startd sayin som othr pt.........inspite of thm cuttin me the panelist lookkd at 2 of maintain som discipline
i made som pts in the gd like
1) composition of gdp
2) 60% of population depends on agri so u cnt ignore it
3) last decade ind hs made soo much progress but its been only for a small section for r population, for evry1 to enjoy u ned to focus on agri
4) ind being an agrigarian country import wheat now
5) we nd project like echoupal n grameen bank for agri

othr ppl were constantly bickering bout bpos kpos............1 person sd tht since service sector provieds lot of profit we shud focus only on it, othr went to extent of sayin tht thr is no cultivable land left in india
judges stoopped 4 of us aftr 5-8 min...n askd othr to speak........( i got really scared)
aftr 5 min again we were allowd to spk.......does it hav a neg impact??
i sd 2 times..........freinds lets get the whole group involved
and once i askd a question to the grp especialy to the ppl who wernt participating

thn panelist aftr 15 mins ask a gal to summarize........n tht ws the end

frnds do u think the judges wud kno the real stats nthe fact tht i ws right tht guy ws wrong?????

then went for pi
it ws cool askd me bout
1) hw ws gd.........i sd i ws dissapoitd with my grp.........told thm my stand....thy were impressd
2) ma'am askd me bout reservation
3) acads
4) othr calls
5) extra curri
6) india superpower frm the form
went well but i am scared bout my gd........
wht u think bout this???

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@ raj chopda..........

raj syd wud b vry tuff........maybe if u get around 34-35/ 40, in ur gdpi u hv a chance for pg, but this again is my speculation.......welingkar u stand a decent chance coz the cut off may be around 146-148

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i hav a query......
to a person who hs no wrk the panel in cet pi asks bout acads in depth on general question??? intrst is mkting
will they ask me q's in details or genrl q's lk diff btw mktin n sales , p's of mkting etc

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i also wana thnk all pl on this forum who helpd well as tissians on campus who helped us.

created a community for all to be tissians , so that we can interact before our coll begins. herez the link....
orkut - Login...
hope you all join.....congo to evry1 who got thro........n for those who dint , ppl maybe ur meant for bigger things in life..
anupam gadekar