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rukia Says
I can see your age is 24 years and you say you have been waiting for 8 years to get into MBA. You have been trying since the age of 16 years to join MBA? Incredible! When did you graduate? Can you share your profile?

I believe what he meant was that he has been waiting for 8 years to get into a tier 1 college.....prolly for IITs when he was 16(for graduation) n den for IIMs/FMS(after graduation)...
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Shifthappens Says
Can someone translate this ?

Guy said " aaj wl movement taiyar kar rahe hai,aap ko kal tak pata chal payega"

Guy said " we are preparing the wl movement list today, you will get to know by tomorrow"

Someone please check my status
SR7480507 ; 17/04/1986


mba hunger Says
Reading this really was funny:biggrin::biggrin: bad..srry :biggrin:
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Can someone please check my status
SR7480507 ; 17/04/1986


Avejendla Says
The list is in the order of the FMS Registration No.s

Have a look at the last few names in the list..and the corresponding FMS reg nos.
Gallardo Romeo Says
Bro just be a keen observer and analyse the list a bit, you will get the sorting order of the list..:)

I indeed had given it a keen look before posting any query....if you observe carefully, the last few names in the list are not actually in order of FMS Reg no...hence the query

Is the list in sorted order ?? If so, then what has been the criteria for ranking ???

PS : Shortlisted


I have a query regarding the application form. In the Educational Data section, what Qualifying Degree and corresponding cpi should a candidate with dual degree(5 years Integrated BTech + MTech) enter ?

Thanks in anticipation.