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Deepak Gopalakrishnan @chuck_gopal
We received 243 entries for the PaGaLGuY Comic Contest #2. But there was only one that made us guffaw, and that entry was from *Jaydev Doshi*. Here it is! A few observations, 1. A disappointingly

i hope c k prahalad doesnt see this lol

jitinchandel Says
I can understand that u are a bit shocked and disappointed at the BIMTech results..My CAT Percentile is 71.3 and I have converted through Waitlist..Nobody knows how are they judging the candidates and what are the criterion which they consider for final converts..Bur still I would like to say that please don't accuse anyone of paying bribes for admissions..You are not the only one with 85+ percentile to not convert..there are many more who have not..i even met a person who was 90+ and wasn't even waitlisted for PGDM Core..Does that mean that all those people waitlisted at 80+ paid money..Please choose ur words have the right to be disappointed but not the right to accuse and undermine somebody's effort and selection.

Chill man. am not accusing the college.. don't take it personally. u must be more deserving than me... congrats and all the best!!
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Psycho21 Says
Nthn.. Cz ppl in 70's hve cnvrtd ..dts y

I had a pretty decent gd and a good pi... maybe people in 70's got a lot of money. i had not even applied to many colleges... have converted xime so will join thr. But this was really a shocker!

85.6 in cat... why do you ask?

did not receive any mail.. was waitlisted for pgdm.. the man told me i am not selected and my dd will be sent back.. how is this possible.. there must be students who would still go for refunds... they are not even offering IB to me.. atleast they could have told the waitlist number... why cant they make the process transparent!

Check out the mandatory disclosure on the website.

Hi all,

Got Selected for Retail

I have gone through some of the earlier posts and found that seniors have declined to give a clear pic of placements in retail even after repeated queries from some guys...

It would be great if u can share with us the placements in retail. We r on the verge of taking imp decisions so as to choose the right colg which suits our aspirations. A prompt reply would be truly appreciated

Thanks in Advance
bimtech pgdm Says
yes u will get lot of exposure in amity..but mind it only and only exposure and that exposure can be to lot of things ..lolzz

No exposure at BIMTECH?

South Mumbaikars!
come and take IMS Full Unsolved BRM's and Class Sheets, SimCAT's, and many other mocks(SNAP, IIFT, IRMA, ATMA, MAT, etc.) and full TIME BSM's (Solved).
pm me asap!

I request the starter of this thread to create a poll of CAT percentiles of call getters. You can make the following ranges(Or something else):
1. Less than 80
2. 80-90
3. More than 90
4. More than 98

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Can someone, a student, from MICA review my SOP?