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Going to IIM B :grin::grin:

Just withdrawn Admission from Calcutta.

Best of luck for waitlisted candidates.

qwertyuiopa Says
Your Category? And what are you choosing?

Gen cat. Not decided yet but mostly banglore.
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Yipee got the mail....

Never thought I would have to choose between B and C...

Hi Puys,

did any body got any info through email or phone call ?

I called them just now asked me to wait till 6 PM.

no repy yet...

best of luck
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Anybody here who has converted on 12 th may and is not joining ?

We can easily infer from the previous posts that for all the selected persons the status message has been changed but for wait listed guys, unfortunately it is still the same.

The status for w/l candidates would not change unless you have converted.
Your W/L no "XY" will remain the same even if everybody before you has converted.
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Can anybody tell me when does the session start?

MumbaiMeenu Says
Hey guys ! I was waitlisted in the first list and got a mail from admissions office for confirmation...However my status is still reflected as waitlist number on website...Is this how it is with other waitlisted candidates who got confirmation mails ?

I believe the site is still not updated.

Had reject earlier but got a mail yesterday saying that i am wait listed.

PS: What was your wait list no?
zone2 Says
Did u have a w/l in the 1st list or got it yesterday?

No i did not get a waitlist no initally. i got it yestreday.

Even you got it yesterday??
saurabhsaurs Says
Hi, Please post ur category also.

General category...
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