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Hi Ryandark,

No , I did not apply to SPJAIN PGPM , but did not see the same information posted anywhere in their site either . It will be very useful for future aspirants if someone can post the approximate figure regarding the breakup of fee and the time frame of payment .

Best Regards

Hi all ,

Need to know the break up of fee payment for PGPM . When is one supposed to make the first payment ? It will be good if someone could tell the breakup of fee and the time frame of payment .

Best Regards

All the best to all the interview call getters . Will it be possible to know at this stage what had been lowest GMAT score from IT pool which had received a call for the interview .

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Hi Blue fox,

This is very hypothetical question. To answer this, we need to know the entire schedule.
Answering your question can also provide negative view about the programme.

XLRI strongly asks every one to be on time. Classes are very hectic and every class is important. So following up will be a difficult job incase we miss the class.

Course gives enough time every year, even i have joined late by 2 days because i miised my train.
Said so, all members of first selected will get enough time (1 month approx) to pay first installment.
SBI provides quick revenue for this payment. Thanks to SBI. Other banks also support GMP.
Wait list guys need to pay a small amount to confirm their appointment.
What is advised is, one should have cool and confirmed touch with managers who can release or retake in any case in short time.

these are all, my personal experience and opinions. Any day rules of XLRI will be changing year on year.

Thus, we request you to wait for the schedule, keep in touch and prepare accordingly.

Hi epitome4 ,

I will go by what you have advised here .

If possible could you and the current batch bring this issue to the admission team's attention . It will help many aspirants to avoid conflicts during admission .

Thanks again .

Best Regards
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Hello GLIM team ,

Thanks for starting such an informative thread !

Could someone kindly post the following information :

1. All important dates , per last year's admission cycle ( Admission submission deadline , Interview date , Results publication , offer acceptance , course start date etc )

2. How many students , having a work experience of 7 years and above ,are currently pursuing the 1 year MBA course ?

Best Regards

2 people joined 2 days later and those who cleared waiting list also joined late.

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Hi ,

In that case will it be possible to find out the last date till which candidates were allowed to join the program . I see from the website that the program start date was 12th June , 2011 per the last admission cycle .

Best Regards
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Hello GMP team ,

Could you kindly clarify a question that I have . I see from the site that XLRI lets the candidates know about their intake decision by March end and then the GMP course starts in the middle of June . This means that we have less than 90 days between a candidate's knowledge of his admission confirmation by the institute and him/her reporting to the campus . However I have to strictly serve a notice period of 90 days in my current organisation before I can resign from the same .

Does XLRI give any relaxation ( by say 1 week ) in case a candidate is strictly tied with the organisational rules of serving a certain number of notice period days , as in the above case ?

Best Regards

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viyer8 Says
You can search last year's PG thread. The link to last year's thread is mentioned in the first post (By Vivek Arora) on this thread.

Hi , thanks again !
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Hello bluefox1,
Welcome to this thread!

Yes, XLRI requires all applicants to submit essay(s) online. For 2011-12 admissions we had to write 6 essays. (~ 250 words each).

You are first required complete an online registration form with your academic background, work ex. and GMAT scores etc. Based, on this information the admissions office shortlists certain candidates for interviews and essays . Only the candidates short listed for interviews are required to submit the essays. Candidates are given a deadline to submit essays online. They are then called for an interview.

This was the procedure followed for 2011-12 admissions. The official admission procedure for 2012-2013 admissions will be announced by the XLRI admissions office in due course of time.

Hope this helps!

Hi Venkatesh ,

Thanks for the quick response . Will it be possible for you to guide me locate the topics of the old essays ?

Best Regards
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