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I want Equity book from CFA L2 official curriculum. Anyone willing to share here in Delhi?

What is the minimum composite score that is required to get shortlisted by IIM-A? Composite Score= (Obtained CAT Score/Max. CAT Score)*0.7 + (AR/45)*0.3

so for PGP how much weightage is given to CAT score?

Another Human @tg99
_*CAT Center, Date and Slot *_Udaipur, 8th November, 10:00 AM _*1) How many attempts you have made?* Section 1:_ 22 attempts. 19 or above should be correct. _Section 2: _27 attempts. 22 or above should be correct. *_2) Your last mock score? _*The last mock CAT I took was of ...

I had a similar paper i guess.Gave the exam in Delhi.Quant was kind of absurd with DI & LR being a cakewalk. RC's , Complete the passage was of Supreme level in my set as well.

same background.....
which engg stream ? passout or still in college?

well i cleared following modules:
-Securities Market Adv Module
-Investment Analysis n Portfolio Management
-Fundamental Analysis
-Macroeconomics for Financial Markets

My advice to u is jus go through beginners modules bt dnt go for certification , n then prepare well for adv. modules n go for certification...coz beginners will nt help u much in future, bt advance module may b useful in PI jus to show that u r interested in finance though u r from engg background....

hope this will help u...

Do following 4
1. Fin Mkts
2. Derivatives Dealers
3. FIMMDA Debt mkts
4. Cap Mkts

1 thing more....whether its an "advanced" or "beginners" module....the matter of fact is that all NCFMs are easy so they dont really carry a lotta weight.

Also no need to write whether its advanced module or not on CV.

Thanks for your suggestions guys..I wanted to focus more on the derivatives side thats why i was planning to give the aforementioned modules.By going through the posts on the thread i think Capital Markets and Securities Markets Modules are the ones to go for if someone really wants to enhance their knowledge.

I am an engineering student and I do not want to go deep in the concepts of finance right now.I just want to be well versed with the basics.I plan to give 4-5 modules.Would it be fine to attempt:
Financial Markets: A Beginners' Module
Equity Derivatives: A Beginner's Module
Derivatives Market (Dealers) Module
Options Trading Strategies Module

duplicate post

. Two kinds of rice are mixed in the ratio 1:2 and 2:1 and then they are sold fetching the profit of 10% and 20% respectively. If they are
mixed in equal ratio and the individual profit percents on them are increased 4/3 and 5/3 time respectively, then the profit % would be
(1) 18 (2) 20 (3) 21 (4) 25 (5) none of these

Let the two qualities of rice be R1 and R2 and let their price be rs 10/kg
10 :20
total cost =rs 30
profit =10%
sp =rs 33, let profit on R1 be rs x/kg and profit on R2 be rs y/kg

simmilarly in second case 2x +y = 6-------2
Solving 1 and 2 we get x x=3,y=0
now the profit percent is increased 4/3 and 5/3 times respectively
new x =4, y=0
if we mix in the ratio 1:1
cost =10+10=rs 20
profit=4+0=rs 4
Profit % 4/20*100 =20% so i think it should be option 2
what is the oa?

In a school of 200 students 120 students play football 90 students play hockey and 100 students play cricket.Of these 50 students play football and hockey, 40 students play football and cricket and 30 students play cricket and hockey.Each student plays at least one game.
1.What is the number of students who play cricket and hockey to the number of students that play only football? OA 3:4

2.What percentage of the total number of students play both football and hockey but not cricket? OA 20%

PS - Where can I cover the basics of this part from and practice more of these questions?