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hey guys,

my all india rank is 2016
my state general merit rank is 4262
my state category merit is 202
university merit number 122
university category number is 2048

i have no clue of what we need to do next and what i can expect. i am lost and directionless. can i expect anything good, is the score good or not. also i belong to 'sc' categoty. please help. thanks

Puys, i really can't seem to figure anything out and i would like some clarity on the issue and i am expecting some help,

firstly i belong to sc category. domicile of maharastra.
my ranks are as follows,
all india rank - 2016
state general merit number - 4262
state category number - 202
university general merit number - 2948
university category number - 122

how do i interpret all of these and what college can i expect.

all india merit rank 2016, sc category, what are my chances.. please tell..

all india merit number 2016...... what to expect.. sc category... please tell, please

all india merit score 103, all india rank 2016... what can i expect..

all india merit score 103, all india rank 2016... what can i expect..

hey.. could someone please help with with the procedure that follows, what is to be done, thanks.

Mh-cet score 79.25 percentile, is there any chance getting in chetana college through pgdm or mms?
plz rly...

pgdm excellent chances.
ANANDrogba Says
i have scored 85.38 percentile in cet candidate....any chances for chetna mms?????plzz reply....

pgdm for sure, mms take a chance dude
lai1988 Says
Seniors, any chance in MMS or PGDM!!

depends on ur gd/pi for mms. pgdbm u have a excellent chance