*David De Gea* saved Man Utd........Gonna regret that chance Persie got to make close.........
Chelsea are a top side no doubt and I would love them to give a tough fight.We dont want PL to become a 2 horse race like La Liga because at present (form wise) only the two Manchester clubs look favorites to win the PL battle
@kingcantona @chelseaboy
Roman will fund to sign Falcao or may be Fellaini next season but the problem of inconsistency still remains.In some games Chelsea outplays the opposition and there are some where it makes its own life tough too.The need of the hour is the right gelling and confidence among the management and players.As a football lover I would love to see them back on track,they have lost their way after Di Matteo and their CL exit
Yet another drubbing(4-1) from the devils against the hapless Fulham :).Good to see Wazza finding his match fitness and Chicharito scoring twice. I would love to see more of them in PL along side RVP
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One of the rumors about Walcott leaving Gunners was his positional role.Even if it is a strategic ploy by Wenger to play him as a winger, it got to be good.Let us be very clear, Walcott is not either Persie or Henry.So, If Mr. Manager wants the best out of Theo then more Central role should be assigned to him.In this context,the hat-trick his scored against Newcastle came from his preferred position,so immediate results were obtained when Wenger made him play at Central position for the first time in 20 Game weeks!

Ba's transfer to troubled Chelsea has come at a very right time and at a throw away price.I feel from long term point of view the Blues will be eyeing Falcao next summer and El Nino may return to his maiden club as a part of transfer deal.Just a speculation
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@sankhaghose Walcott !!
Didnt you see in his last two PL matches , he has started playing in his preferred position (CF).Walcott holds key in Arsenal's next clash against City.But, yes Walcott will be regularly rotated with Giroud by Wenger

@sankhaghose said:
Why is Theo Walcott on dead-ball duty when Arsenal have the likes of Arteta and Cazorla in the starting line-up ! Preposterous !
Probably Wenger is saving him for a late strike just like Fergie did yesterday by bringing RVP
Also , there is an important match against City coming up next he wants to use him judiciously
@BABA_Pencho said:
Grant Holtby has agreed terms with Tottenham. He will be joining them next season, after his contract at Shalke expires.Yet another player has been snatched away from Liverpool, by AVB.
That had to be either Spurs or Arsenal for him.In one of the interviews he made it clear that he wants to play for a club in CL.Also being a CAM , he fits well with Spurs line up
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@raxchit Fulham has hit a low.I expected a good game from the boy Kacaniklic, but couldnt do much without the help of his mates

@BABA_Pencho Great Football from Liverpool...Vintage Liverpool.But If it wants to see itself in top 4 again then Rodgers got to bring up new talents like Sterling and infuse confidence in them.Also he needs to bring more depth in the side in terms of quality.He needs to transforms starlets in stars(Gerrards) and he definitely knows how to do so
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