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Plx equation bina batao!

while meeting on the half the circumference it runs 75mtrs then for full circle it will travel 150mtrs and other travels 100mtrs therefore 250mtrs
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ans) is 0.75

1) getting 1

ans is 12 ......
A simple one :

An equilateral triangle has sides of length 43. A point Q is situated inside the triangle so that the
perpendicular distances from two of the sides of the triangle are 1 and 2. What is the perpendicular
distance to the third side?

Ans : is 3
alps2011 Says
A circular park of radius 80 m has four trees at points P,Q,R and S along the periphery such that the line joining points P and R intersects the line joining Q and S perpendicularly. Find PS^2+QR^2

Ans: 160^2=25600
3 tapes A, B and C are connected to an empty tank. At the beginning, only tapes A and B were opened. A fills alcohol at a rate of 4 L/min and B fills water at the rate of 2 L/min. When the tank was 50%full, tape Z, which fills alcohol was opened. If when the tank was full, it had 80% alcohol , find the concentration of alcohol in the tank, when it was 80% full.

Need a detailed explanation.

Tap A Tap BTap CTank Filled Acohol Water
2x(50/3)%(50/3)%050% 2x(50/3)% (50/3)%
4% 2%24%80% 4+24+2x(50/3)%2+(50/3)%
20% 100% 80% 20%
in last water poured in = 20%-(50/3)%= (10/3)lts
therefore, tap A will pour alcohol = (20/3)lts
rest alcohol will be from tap C=50 -10=40% of total i.e. 80% of last 50%

when it was 80% full amount poured in by tap C is 80% of 30 which is 24
left 6% is filled by a and B in ratio 2;1 therefore 4 and 2 respectively.

it will give you {(28 + (100/3))/80}x100=76.66%

am sorry the display of table is bad and iam nort able to attach file
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A sequence 192, 360, 576. is formed by multiplying the corresponding terms of two different Arithmetic Progressions. What is the eighth term of the sequence?

it will be 2376

aNS: IS 2376
MY approach:
series 1: a, a+n,a+2n,a+3n....,a+7n
series 2: b, b+m,b+2m,b+3m....,b+7m

series obtained by multiplication:
ab, (a+n)(b+m),........,(a+7n)(b+7m)

(a+n)(b+m)=360......{sub value of ab and get value of "mn+am+bn" and get value of mn}
(a+2n)(b+2m)=576......{sub value of ab and mn+am+bn and "mn+am+bn"}

Pls tell if ther is any simpler method.

it is called derangement :
formula is 5!{1-(1/1!)+(1/2!)-(1/3!)+(1/4!)-(1/5!)}=39

SET - 11

1. The interior angle of an n-sided regular polygon is an integer. If n is an odd number, then how many values are possible for n?

a. 9
b. 3
c. 5
d 7

2. In a rectangle ABCD, the diagonals meet at point P. Point E is the midpoint of BC. The line AE intersects BD at point Q. If the area of the rectangle is 24 sq. units, then what is the area of triangle APQ (in sq. units)?

a. 4
b. 6
c. 2
d. 8

3. G is the Orthocenter of the scalene triangle ABC. What is the ratio of the area of quadrilateral DECB to the area of triangle ABC?


a. 1/2
b. 1/4
c. 3/4
d. Data insufficient

SET 11

1) 5
2) please explain ans and the concept
If a regular convex polygon has 'n' sides, then how many different values can 'n' take for which the interior angle of the polygon will be an integer?
16 18 | 36 24

Ans: 22 (1,2: cannot be the sides)
{n= 3,4,5,6,8,9,10,12,15,18,20,24,30,36,40,45,60,72,90,120,180,360}