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As said by Subodh...

During GD/PI....Joininig letter and salary slips.

But while joining the college, Service certificate and relieving letter.'

PS: Please dont start a thread for a single query. You can post your queries on CAT related threads.

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hey guys ,
pls help me out with this ...I am an indian citi in india.. Is CAT neccessary to get into the top 10-15 collgs of india ?? DO they take in GMAT scores in place of CAT ?? plzz post soon.. i have no work x and m into my last yr. of graduation in is thr any prospect abroad ?

Hi,buddy,this is wrong thread to ask this could have posted this post at... thread

Neways,let me try to clear ur doubts...

CAT is an entrance examination conducts by IIMs for getting admission in 6 IIM`s as well as various 65+ B-schools in India.. If u targetting IIM`s then u have to take CAT and for others 65+ instituions you need to fill the application form seperately other than CAT but for filling the application u have to take CAT entrance examination as it is one of a selection procedure of other B-schools who valid the CAT score card for their further GD/PI session.

As u r an indian citizen,you r not eligible for taking admission in indian B-schools thorugh GMAT as it means only for foreign candidates,but there is only one institute whick takes the GMAT score in India is (ISB HYDERABAD)but as far as my knowledge is concern ,they prefer expereince candidates for thier PGP(Post gradutate programme) .

Reagrading 15 best instiutions in India ,there are plenty of entrance examination those u can take other than CAT entrance ..(I:e XAT for XLRI jamesdpur(its one of best instiution in India like as IIM ,2. IIFT entrance for IIFT delhi and kolkata* it comes under 10 best B-school in india, FMS entrance for fms DELHI ranked under 10 BEST B-school in india.In CAT MDI Gurgaon,IMT gaziabad,Sp jain..These are the few institutions ranked within 10 best b-schools in India.

GMAT entrance is meant for taking admission in B-schools outside india. For fmore information u can drop in Take the GMAT ...

*- IIFT kolkata branch- Am not sure abt the ranking of the same..


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Nice thread and very useful as well for those who are preparing for any competative examination.....Keep going guys..

Puys,plz allow me to provide some sort of co-operation as well.

Carry her over the threshold
Referring to the now common practice of a newlywed man carrying his wife through the front door of their new home. In colonial times, many houses did not have wooden floors. Instead, dirt, sticks, leaves, etc. were pressed onto the ground to created an even surface. This mixture was known as "thresh." However, when it rained the water would leak through the rooftop and the thresh would wash right out the front door. In order to solve this problem, a man would nail a wooded board, known as the threshhold, into the base of the doorframe to catch the thresh. When a man and woman were married, the man would carry his new wife over the threshhold so she wouldn't trip..
Getting Down To Brass Tacks
"Getting down to brass tacks" means getting serious. Years ago millinery stores had brass tacks set in their counters every 6 inches. Tailors would come in and look over the fabric picking up bolts that they liked, but they weren't serious until they "got down to brass tacks" and measured out the amount they needed and intenede to purchase.
Will come back with more idioms till then ba bye and dont forget to keep pouring your help here....

Source: Great Books Online -- Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Thesaurus and hundreds more

Do I need to wear a Tie for the GD ?

And is the dress code same as that of an interview ? OR is it more formal ?

Nice question:)

I think, It can be difficult to choose the right GD/PI clothes.You'll probably want a balance between wearing something smart, that makes you feel confident, and squeezing yourself into your starchy "weddings and funerals" suit..So,all i can say to you,wear in which you feel confident and if still u in doubt then dress slightly smarter than you usually .
Yes, interviews are about allowing your personality to shine through and rem you r going to B-school interview then in my view you should wear tie.

Last but not least..... Congrats to being selected