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Best of luck to all puys waitlisted for Kampus !!!

Konverted !!!!!!

All the best to all fellow puys who are still waitlisted...Hope U guys make it !!!

gecko Says
They have the whole of tomorrow. They should put it up by the evening, logically :-P

Any idea about how they declare the waitlist movements ... do they call up the candidates or mail them or something else ?
what are the documents we need to submit along with the DD for confirming the admission offer.

As of now m waitlisted and goin to join iimk if converted..

I suppose only the DD of Rs 50K and course completion certificate (in case you are yet to complete your graduation). Please re-check it from someone else as well .
rahuldude Says
hope the waitlist start moving fast and furious from tomorrow best of luck to all fellow waitlisters ! :-P

Hope so dude ...Expecting the actual picture getting clear latest by tomorrow (literally speaking.......picture abhi baki he mere dost )
gecko Says
The wait would have to be till Monday or Tuesday and not till Friday

Hmmm...may be....but I suppose 17th May (Thursday is the last day of sending the drafts for the selected ones) WL movement would become deterministic by Friday...after that it would just be a matter of time when the calls / mails (if any) reach the Waitlisted ones....Hope we atleast get some encouraging figures by Friday evening !!!

Really buddy...the wait is painful...
Appalled by a post mentioning last W/L number as 50. Well I am the one at 50.
Does anybody here have any knowledge of how far the waitlist numbers have gone ? Inspite of unique calls , after B's waitlist clearing arnd 50. IIMK giving numbers not less than 50 is shocking to say the least!!:shocked:

Hi Arpan,

Once I had found someone with waitlist 86 on this thread....God knows exactly what is happening and how many have been waitlisted at K...Lets wait till Friday and see how things are working out actually...Hope we get some help of IIMK adcom puys to clarify the situation at the earliest.
Bhai, even if there are buffer calls, there must have been last year too. Last year's data says you'll convert in a jiffy!

Just saying coz I am at W/L 27, and your getting tensed has an exponential effect on me :grin:

Sorry buddy...I had no intention of increasing your BP :). In case both of us convert...for sure we would have a gud laugh over this when we are at K
gecko Says
Dude, how in the world can you be tensed at W/L 3?

Abb resignation dene ke baad tnsn to hoga hi na yaar...

Even I know that its not probable...but buddy I never new of buffer calls !!!!
av6289 Says
Yes.. it is quite likely they give buffer calls but we do not know if they have or how many they have given. Yet, there will be space for some waitlist movement because they obviously dont want to absorb more than the capacity they have. They are not going to fill out all their seats with buffer calls itself. You'll have to wait and see.

Hi ,

Doesn't the number of members in the FB page (IIM K Class of 2014) give an indication of the number of final calls given ? It currently has 381 members ( in which some seniors must be present as well). So, if I presume that most of the people converting IIM-K uses FB and have joined the group, then the buffer calls might be very less.

I am waitlisted at 3 (GE) and am really looking forward to K...I never knew of the buffer calls concept and now I am getting tensed..

Thanks for you response...