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Puys ,,,,,

has anyone received the mail from SBI regarding further procedure ?
Apart from sms , any other communication??


nopes,,,i beleive they should've sent mails in the first place.....atb
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recd the sms notification...they should've sent mails, though...

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did it.....roll, the thrill wud have been more had i not been doing mba from kj somaiya.......are if i can do it(the person who argued with panel members, that i wud drop mba for sbi and showed them 4 other po interview letters saying that m not intersted in any bank, but sbi) then anyone can do it.......

waitlist moves by one :grin:

@kanikaz: ab to mujhe dream team mein le lo yaar....assistant coach ban jaunga:cheerio:

@rest all selected: Badhaai Ho Badhaai

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happy bday to u:cheerio:

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1) black hawk down
2) valkyrie
3) kick ass

good work kanikaz and other selectors,

u have selected a very good team...congos to all of u...

PS: i'm available for any guidance in written part..u can PM me


hi guys,

i am nominating myself also....i m not sure whether i would be selected coz i am presently doing my mba from kj somaiya.....i wud love to help out in cracking po entrances coz i have qualified 5 po written exams viz SBI-PO,SBI-PO(associates),BOB,PNB,Andhra bank(cud attend only one interview-SBI coz the rest were having their centres in delhi)........i have been a regular user of this thread....and made a lot of frnds like kanikaz, diksha d,gladiator,acquilles,abhialways,life is a game etc...

though, i knw i wont be in, but i can guide the budding po guys.....

and yes, banking sector does interest me a lot and wud be happiest soul if a land a job in a PS bank after mba


well, when i was small i fell in love with DOOM game....itna addict ho gaya tha ki mujhe sapne aate the black colored demons aur beasts k...hence the name-black demon:shock:

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any idea puys, when the final results of sbi-po would b announced?

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hi puys,

i attended sbi-po gdpi process 2day at state bank learning center, noida at 11 am(panel4)

the process was same i.e. gd was there...the topic was "Financial Inclusion is an exercise in futility".It went off well coz almost everyone was aware of the topic and each person was able to contribute his/her best...

after that we were served lunch and made to wait for another 1 hour......Interviews started at around 2:30 pm and the panel consisted of GM,AGM,DGM of SBI and one patna university professor.....

interview experience:
some gk q's were asked like: what causes global warming, what is the % of CO2 in the atmosphere,what was Mahatma Gandhi's full name:wow:, name 2 glaciers of himalayas etc..i answered almost all of them correctly

i was surprised as my interview revolved around gk q's only and was not asked anything regarding banking......however, they grilled me as why i wanna join sbi since i was already doing my i couldn't justify that very well and that blew my doesn't matter, all i came for the exposure and experience

all the best

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