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hey i am from mumbai for 3rd feb...2 30 mail id is

hey my snap score is 78....i got a call from ssbm for g.d p.i on 3rd feb..
i am civil engg..from m.s university.but i always wanted to see my self as an investment banker so m applying to this coarse...i had cleared NCFM certification in
1)financial market
2)capital market
3)derivative market
4) commercial banking in india

so what are my chances now as m having quite a low score and my graduation percentage is also just 53 nly and m from engg...background for a commerce coarse... so will it affect?
i really want to get in and m ready to work hard so please guide me.....

any body there on the 3rd feb for the 2:30 slot??????????

hey the cuttof is 77 i i had not heard people getting call below this level
mine is 77.5 and my g.d is on 3rd feb.....2 30 slot

mine is 77.5 and my slot is 3rd feb...2 30 i think i am the last one as guys scoring 75 had not got any call....
but i think it would be really really tough for me to convert the call with this low marks.....

i am also in the same slot but my score is 77.5...
so do u have any idea what was the cutoff?