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Hi All,
I applied to Emory in Round 1 - Nov 1st Deadline.
When I log on to OPUS, it shows - 1 new notification, with the following details -
Evaluative Interview

Could anyone let me know, what is the next step ? because I am unable to proceed further. Does this even mean an interview short list ?

Plz throw light someone..


The mail, with the attachments, is of about 30MB size. Is that a major issue? Do I need to send in a single mail with all the attachments or should I split them up? Don't know if downloading them would be an issue with ISB.

Please pour in your comments.



How come the marksheets for std 10,12 and UG (considering 8 for 8 semesters) be of 30 MB ? I scanned my documents - in color (200 dpi) - and the PDF was of 2.5 MB...
I am planning to re-scan them in Black and White for an even smaller size..

Some pointers -
a. make sure ur attachment is of type PDF.
b. Use Black and White for scanning.
c. make sure u r not including ur awards/achievements certificates as well here.
d. a single attachment would be easier by ISB to download and use.

Thats it..

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Hi All,

Me got my interview on the 15th Oct, afternoon @ Saket, New Delhi.
Am an re-applicant, this is my 2nd ISB interview. Got dinged last time, when I attended the interview at the ISB campus, Hyderabad on 6th Nov 07...

ATB to all the call getters !!
Hoping to crack this time.

Profile - GMAT 700 (Q49, V35, 5.5)
4 years till Sep 08. Above average acads, decent ECs.


Did not get thru IIM L as well. 2nd reject after B - my only 2 calls..
Its end of the story for me this year as well. A gruelling 3 years have gone down in struggle for me..
ATB for all the achievers !


A Frnd Of Mine Has Been Placed On Wl 58 For Iim K.
Any Clue So As To Would He Be Able To Make It Or Not ?

Did not get through.
Only IIM L remains now.
Feeling dejected !

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So this brings us to the end of all speculations so as to when would IIM B results b announced..
"WHEN" in the sense - for sure not tomorrow !!

Guess all IIMs would make a note of the SC verdict, come up with implementation phase policy and roll out offers after some brainstorming..

Nevertheless, the wait is on - agonizing !!

ATB all..

good work :-)))
hope it comes out tomorrow..and ends the wait !!
lets see..

atb to all..

Got hold of IIM A's take on reservation --

Any clue what the remaining IIMs would strategise for OBC quota implementation ?
Would the implementation be phasewise and would the general seats be affected ?

heard on TV(CNN IBN) that IIM A would take another week to process results.
Any updates are welcome...


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Hi Fellow Kelley Aspirants,
I am a R2 Kelley applicant and also the creator of this thread :-)

I have a telephonic interview scheduled tonight @ 11 pm IST (12.30 pm EST).
I will post my interview experiences soon :-)

Hoping to make it,
all the best to everyone..