• Bipin Kumar
  • 8 karma

CAT %tile - 89.51
Category - SC
10th - 66%
12th - 66%
Graduation(B.COM) In 2011 - 51%
Work Ex - Nil

Date - 11th march2012
Time - 10:00 AM

GD Topic - Mens are failed, Let women's takeover
No. of Candidate - 12

Snapshot - A person initiated bt after 5 min, it was like fish market. Every1 ws speaking(xcept 4-5 peoples includin Me nd dis works in favor of us).....den one of d faculty member interferes....My performance was fine....entered 4-5 times nd given some gud points.....everybdy got chance to conclude

Preparation - 2/5
Performance - 3/5

No. Of Panelist - 4 Males
All are chilled

Me Good afternoon respected members
P2 Good afternoon, Please hv a seat
Me Thank you

P3 - Tell me something about yourself??
Me - Rataa ratayaa gyaan.......

P2 - Wat u hv did in the name of Bachelor degree???
Me -

P3 - From where u hv completed your B.COM???
Me - University of Allahabad

P2- Allahabad University or Any affiliated College??
Me - Again same answer
(They hv asked d same question 4-5 check my patience )

Now P4 enters nd did Kaam ki baat
What are your career plans?????
Me After completing my MBA, 4-5 Yr Ill Work with an organized firm Nd after that I will go for my Own BusinessThen A brief discussion on Entrepreneurship takes place(Aisa lag rha tha jaise Entrepreneurship keh k bhut bada paap kr diya ho hmne):D

P3 What are your subjects in M.COM??(I ws pursuing M.COM.nd galti ye ho gyi ki hmne bta diya)
Me Told, Only 4 out of 6 subjects..( M.COM to sirf tympass k liye kr rhe the yr)

P2 Where do you live in Allahabad????
What iz your fathers Occupation??
Me Told..They seems to b more interested, When I said, My father is an Retired Air Force Personnel.

Now P4 Enters and starts Firing-
=>What is contingent Liability????
=>Explain Debit and Credit??
=>Do you know about Ledger??
=>Do you hear the term Day book??
=>Why Ledger are been Used??
=>How Double A/Cing system works??
=>In which side Debit and Credit are shown in Ledger??

Me Answered each and every question..are yr last 6 saalo se yahi sb to padh rhe hNd beech-2 me mind b divert ho rha tha.coz I ws feeling hungry d they were eating chips nd pakaudi in the front of me:wow:

P4 What are your strengths, which help you to be an good Entrepreneur and Help you to deal with the problem???
Me Told smthing bt they want to hear smthing else I thinkSo, I hv tried to explain my pointBs, fir kyat aa gye behti Ganga me haath dhone..Uske baat jo b bola, sb me cross questionDimaag me yhi chal rha tha ki Bs kro yr, BACHCHE KI JAAN LOGE KYA

P3 As You are a brilliant student(On the basis of CAT %tile), Then y you want to b an entrepreneur???....Why not to work for any organization and earn money???
Me Iss baar to hmne b Bada sa gola thama diya unko.I said, If I am such a Brilliant Guy, Then why should I work for any other person or Organisation(A dialogue fron the Movie GURU) ..Nw they r impressed.otherwise pichle question k answer ne to sb barbaad hi kr diya tha..

P4 Which type of business you want to Stablish???
Me Said smthng nd also told dat may b elated to finance coz m interested in Finance.

P2- Ok, v r done with u
Me - Thank u Respected members

Preparation 3/5
Performance 3/5

Overall, it ws good..I ws satisfied wid my performance xcept in one section, when dey are talking of strengths for entrepreneurship.

VERDICT Converted in First

It wasnt that much. GEN cutoff for GD/PI was a 83.8 i guess.
And cutoff hasnt gone upward in past couple of years.

yupp..... u r ws 83.8

nd i hv searcd earlier bt didn't find any group for 2012-14 batch.....

there is already a group present on fb,,that is going to be a gp of 2012-2014 batch,all seniors and rest of the guys will leave the group ,so there is no need to make a new the time if u are not in the old gp please join here is the link
do join and bring some life to the group..

its good dat dere iz always a dis link iz nt working

2012-14 batch students....Please join d group in on d link to go to d page....