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any body got the mail for selection
i got the mail today for selection in full time pgdm and i was even not in the waiting list

same here.. :shock:

Link is up....

Hi friends,

Do wee neeed to mention our CAT regn no or the admision Form no to the admission office in the call.
i dont have my admission form no right now.
Please reply soon.
Thanks in advance.


I believe you will have to... u can chk ur mail fro the call letter ryt.. there you will find the form number..

Yeps i got selected,.. just got the mail...

CAT Score : 82.10
Time Of Mail : 2:46 PM 31 March 2012

X: 86.20
Btech CSE:83.78
WorkEx : 19 Month

I'd serously recommend u guys to call on 08028520809 and confirm the same.

called up said i am selected but havnt got any mail yet.. was asked to mail them which i did bt havnt received any mail as yet.. kinda confused as to take it if i am selected or... seniors anyone hee.. could u please confirm???

abhinayak Says
Equal weight age is given to both CAT n XAT...

Then i guess it was just not meant to be...

Is the final converts just based on XAT and not CAT score.. of the 5-10 ppl posted here i have seen all mentioning their XAT score....

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the server is failing.. could someone chk for me tooo...

CAT Reg No :: SR7484137
DOB :: 08 june 1988


I scored 82%ile in CAT with sectional of some 52% in QA and 95% in VA.

10th - 86
12th - 87.6
Btech CSE - 83.8

Work Ex- as of date 15 months..

Have decent extra curric... which colleges shld i apply to?
Going through prev posts just made me more confused... could anyone please help me out....

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