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Guys, Just one advice from this CAT veteran


Great work PG, Way to go !

Believe me guys, This is coming straight from the horse's mouth,( I am in IIMC ) , CAT can be cracked in 50 days, I have said it before and I repeat, CAT tests ur mental strength,So just keep ur cool during the exam and thats it

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XLers congrats and rejoice, I wud even suggest that U party hard this year.Because even U know that ur happiness will shortlived ( 1year)

Mr Ronnie, If u want to loose ur Faith , do that by all means.But please don't confuse the CATters who have just 50 days to go for the exam.If at all a wrong person enters the institute, he will chicken out in a few days. I can assure u of that.Because even the gud ones find IIMs too hot to handle.So if a wrong one enters , then GOD save him.U can atleast keep faith in the IIM educational system if not the entrance system.

Guys, I got this question in IIM L interview,What do you think is the solution for Kashmir ?
All Catters shuld keep themselves well versed with these comtemporary issues which u would face during GD/PI.Dont think that u can do that in the little time u get for GD prep.It shud be a continuous process.

Best of Luck

gud points

I have got 5 invites, Just PM me ur e-mail ID and name,The best part is that u need NOT DONATE me any points for the invite.

Happy B'Day Anil,But I would like to see u in IIM C which is supposed to be COOL

The same BW has an article which states that IIM A is for marketing, C for systems and finance, B for operations etc.So how can u end up comparing them.DO u get it?It is very easy to give rankings fron outside just like that.But only the students know how ridiculous this ranking process is.