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dude only if u dont have any plans for GMAT again i may be willing to take the material from u coz i am a newbie for GMAT and i m to start my prep asap

i can come down to your place to have any material u got. will PM u for more details.


Hi Neo,

All the materials are pdf & word files which I have, they are not books , so I can send u to your e-mail.


Hi Guys ,

I am Pavan from Hyderabad, I have given my gmat and got a pathetic score, 550 M-50,V-16, Please ping me if you want any material like 1000sc,1000rc,1000cr. I stay in lakdikapul and i am working in hitec city as s/w engg.

This information should be made available to most international students but schools are generally quiet about it as they will lose potential 'business' and won't be able to spread the word of diversity amongst their student populations..and mind you, schools in other countries also 'hide' information too..they just list the names of the top companies in their placement brochures but don't say that just a handful of students get placed in these companies..Indian schools operate in a different way altogether as they have placement weeks where everyone gets placed, this is not the case abroad.

I like the example set by Olin (Washington U) business school where it clearly states in their admission materials that international students have a tough time getting the work visas..thats honesty. Michigan State also tells students interested in investment banking that the school is not the right fit for them, its not a finance school - thats honesty...

Hi Puhrince,

Afte reading your posts in this thread I have decided not to apply to U.S B-schools. First let me tell you about my profile
Work-Ex -- 2 years in a I.T industry
Acads- 58% , Bachel of Engg.
GMAT - 620 M-48,V-25

I am planning to apply for 2009 MBA Fall program,Please tell me how is Canada's De-Sautels University,I really don't care if this university is not as gr8 as the 4 univ's that you have mentioned earlier in your post,All I need is would I get a working visa(similar to H-1B) and an average placement,
if I join this univ.Please advise me some average canadian b-schools which are gud for finance.

Please advise me some european b-schools which have 2 year MBA Program, I find all the schools having 1 year program, The reason I detest 1 year prog. is bcoz I am not so talented like the usual b-school junta , so I need a 12+ month prog to understand MBA.

I would be really gr8ful to you if you could reply ASAP.