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Maharashtra CET: Govt cancels domicile certificate requirement, says birth or class X certificate will do

But those who ran from pillar to post to get one made are now furious.

The Maharashtra government has finally given the domicile certificate requirement a thumbs down for securing admission to a professional course (including MBA and PGDM) in the state. In a communique, the state government has declared that even a birth certificate or a standard class X passing certificate belonging to the state will serve as proof of domicile for those applying to professional courses through the state quota.

Ironically, the information which has turned the tide for hundreds of students has not yet been updated on the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) website and the site still runs the extended deadline to submit domicile certificates (when PaGaLGuY asked the DTE Director why the website had not been updated, his personal assistant replied that since the news has come in the media, people should consider it notified!).

The news has however not been taken too kindly by quite a few students. CET candidates posting on PaGaLGuY seem quite irked with recent developments in the domicile certificate issue. Most applicants are tired of having to run helter-skelter to collect the necessary certificates, only to be told now that they are not needed.

A candidate posts,"paying extra for domicile.. queuing up for 4 hours for domicile and then for ARC ..running here and there after the DTE officials if the receipt will be accepted.. and all this in vain if they call us irresponsible fr not reading the brochure what would you call these people who are still not able to make it (no offenses to anyone, but yea we slogged to reach till here) and what would you call DTE for delaying the process every other day .. and then they are managing an entrance exam for management ."

Yet another says, "Were we crazy to slog & run behind all the documents to be submitted on time. This is disgusting. The body which conducts admission process for Management is not capable enough to manage the admission process & take unbiased decisions. Just because some 1000 students havent submitted their certificates more than 65,000 students have to suffer. This is really sick."

Another candidate hold the opinion that those who will now gain easy access to the Maharashtra CET bouquet of colleges do not deserve it. His post reads, "Do these fools really deserve to be an MBA? I started the process (of getting a domicile certificate) way back in January to get it done."

  • Hi JTR; Those who failed to submit their domicile certs b.... 17 Jun '11.
  • ridiculous!!! really ridiculous. 16 Jun '11.
Tendar Tsering @bhuenyunpa 159
Hi JTR; Those who failed to submit their domicile certs but submitted their birth certs have to go to the proper centres during grievance period (20-23 June) for this re-conversion for Mah candidates... and they do have to visit along with an application stating the details and reasons for and why..
Felix Joy @jareem
ridiculous!!! really ridiculous
Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Calcutta's Prof Janakiraman Moorthy, who is the Convenor for the Common Admissions Test (CAT) 2011 speaks about this year's exam. *Will there be changes in the CAT this year? *
Rozelle Laha @rozelle
At about 7.30 pm this Friday, Nihit Sinha and some of his friends, all first year students from ICFAI Business School (IBS), Hyderabad were enjoying themselves at a _dhaba_, some half a kilometre from their college. Litt
Tendar Tsering @bhuenyunpa

His friends should have done what Amirkhan did in the film "3 idiot" - Amir khan picked up the father of one of his friends and took him to the hospital by bike. IBS students also should have managed to take him to the hospital by such innovative method in desperate times.

Hi, any one has any idea when will be the CAT 2011 exactly? has predicted the CAT 2011 dates based on some of the sources that they got in touch, and is yet to officially announce the dates for CAT 2011.
Please share information here in case, anyone has any idea about the dates and how much weight-age of IIMs giving to the CAT exam this year, respectively!

IIM Bangalore makes attending classes optional


Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore has decided to make attendance voluntary across all courses, starting with the first year students of this academic year. This may sound like an odd thing to do for a premier b-school like IIM Bangalore, but Bringi Dev, the head of Communications and an adjunct professor there, is convinced that it's a step forward. "At the post-graduate level, a student is mature enough to take a decision about attendance," he said. "The idea is to see how students discipline themselves.

Although the students now have the freedom to choose to attend their classes, the last word still belongs to the instructors. The students will be evaluated based on their class participation along with their overall performance. It is now upto the professors to decide whether they will make it compulsory for students to attend their respective classes or not and how they will rate the students for class participation, said Kruthika M, PGP placement representative at IIM Bangalore.

This relaxation in attendance at one of the IIMs has come as a surprise to many other b-school students in the country. We believe that IIM lectures are of great value. I was taken aback by IIM Bangalore's decision to make class attendance optional for students, said Ashish Gupta, SDM Institute for Management Development, Mysore.

Some students were also of the opinion that relaxation in class attendance could encourage truant behaviour among students on campus. Generally speaking, when there is so much of freedom, students often lose their focus and indulge in other activities. But, it depends and the case might not be the same for IIM Bangalore students, said Biron D Souza, a student at Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA), Chennai.

But that is missing the whole point of the exercise, according to officials at IIM Bangalore, who say that the relaxation in attendance will not bring in too much change on campus. We know our students. The relaxation on attendance won't bring any behavioural problems on the campus, Kruthika said.

A week ago, IIM Bangalore also made summer internships optional for candidates with more than 34 months of work experience. The decision was based on the feedback obtained from IIM Bangalore graduates who complained that candidates with prior work experience do not benefit much from the 2-month summer internship program. From this academic session, such candidates will be graded for the internship based on their previous work experience. The institute is still looking for ways to engage the candidates who opt out of summer internships.

  • this is a bad move because in any good b school students .... 09 Jul '11.
  • first of all IIMB takes only people who have attended cla.... 09 Jul '11.
Mayank Shukla @caterpilar 1,011
this is a bad move because in any good b school students are already facing time crisis and especially in case of IIMs it even more.... this will naturally make the ppl miss class
Mayank Shukla @caterpilar 1,011
first of all IIMB takes only people who have attended classes all their life.

Neither the police department nor the Indian government knows who made the bomb blasts in Mumbai days back, but it seems every Indian knows the answer who did it - 'Pakistan'!

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Nice article.. yet I don't understand why Mumbai is being so prone to terrorist attacks though I noticed more polices located at each and every corner of Mumbai city than anywhere else in the country.

Grt idea.. some one might can fix the date n time.. M in, count me for the march any time, any date!

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eng Very Often CAT aspirants wonder how they will manage, what seems like an Herculean task of mastering English vocabulary in the limited amount of time available for CAT preparation. They say that VA should be sp
Tendar Tsering @bhuenyunpa

Ten pages of ten books instead of getting bored by one book seems a very innovative way of building flavor for reading!

Tendar Tsering @bhuenyunpa
The Maharashtra government has finally given the domicile certificate requirement a thumbs down for securing admission to a professional course (including MBA and PGDM) in the state. In a communique, the state government
Tendar Tsering @bhuenyunpa

Hi123-321, your frd dont have to resubmit domicile as domicile cert is not mandatory now but i recommend your frd to approach the concerned office or dte during up coming grievance days.