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dude i think u shud leave goa then . Goa is not a union territory. In 1987 Goa became 25th Indian state


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what is the minimum value of (x-1)^2+(x-2)^2+(x-3)^2+....+(x-97)^2 if x is real ?
1. 56436
4. 94326


Now I got it. Thanks a lot

Is the answer 2/3 ?
Reason : we can find a value of x satisfying this equation for all the values y except possibly when y = multiple of 3.

Please verify ...

yes but how ??? y can't be 2 as well. How this probability is calulated? i am not able to get it

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x an y belong to the set of positive integers.The probability that a randomly chosen value of y satisfies the equation 3x - 13y=2 is

1. 1/8
2. 2/3
3. 3/13
4. can't be determined

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If x=(a-1)(b-2)(c-3)(d-4)(e-5), where a,b,c,d,e are distinct natural numbers less than 6. If x is non zero integer, then the number of sets of possible values a,b,c,d and e are

1. 76
3. 44
4. 4^5

spectramind07 Says
Is the answer 7???

The answer is 3

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Find the unit digit of 7^11^13^17 ?

Plz to solve this one

Raju went to the market to buy 1.5 kg of dried peas having 20% water content. He went home and soaked them for some time and the water content in the peas becomes 60%. Find the final weight of soaked peas.

Ans 3 kg

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A milkman has 10L of pure milk. How many litres of water have to be added to the milk so that the milk man gets a profit of 150% by selling at cost price?