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IIM Kozhikode 2013-15
Piyush Pathak @pathak9810
Hi guys piyush here. 2013 mba completed. I work in PR and online marketing field. Looking to prepare CAT
Bhaskar Kashyap @bhaskar2011

Then be prepared to answer why are you doing MBA again. You will asked this question for sure if you can get calls from BLACKI.

a b @no_use
I typed out my answers and pressed 'save and continue'. It logged out and the answers were also not saved. Does anyone else face this problem?
Bhaskar Kashyap @bhaskar2011

Always have a backup of answers. Don't wait till the last hour to fill the forms.

Akhil Mathur @asm93
Does anyone know what all questions will IIM-K ask from the references I provide?
Bhaskar Kashyap @bhaskar2011

Most probably no questions as such will be asked on the references you provide.

Shashank Jain @shashankj3
I have filled the form for mentorship, by when would the mentors be assigned? I have my interview on 24 feb in delhi. Also, whom to contact to for assignment of mentors?
Bhaskar Kashyap @bhaskar2011

Dont worry dude. Mentors will be assigned soon. Till that time prepare yourself.

Priyanka Raj @mbagal01
Hi guys, I have been shortlisted for IIM Kozhikode and the New IIMs. But as per the rule if u get any older IIM calls the Neww IIMs share the scores of WAT-PI. Does that mean I can give WAT-PI for only KozhiKode? Although i have got mails from both and also filling both their forms.
Bhaskar Kashyap @bhaskar2011

Yes. This process is being followed for last 2 years. You will be interviewed for K. New IIMs will get your score from K.

palak grover @palak4891
need to withdraw ... mailed admission office but no replies plz help ... call is not being recieved
Amit Malhotra @amitmalhotra520
As expected 6th list bought lot of hopes ...with 20 in gen, 10 ppl in obc, 6 in sc, most of movement in next list will depend on iimL's next waitlist and some of withdrawals mainly by confused people. 7 has always been my lucky number ... and next list is 7th list :stuck_out_tongue: ...jai ho f...
Bhaskar Kashyap @bhaskar2011

When should we expect 4th list of IIM L to b out

Dhirendra Kumar @dhirendra678
Got the mail... Yeeepiiii..... i made it :smiley:
Raghav Srinivasan @needabc
congos @ankit3007 , @palak4891 , @workholic for ur converts... paarty haaaard!!! :smiley: :smiley:
Kriti Sahoo @poorme
jus like 48 hours to go for the next list- :neutral_face: adrenaline rush !! @amitmalhotra520 @prashantscool @abhi2luv @vigneshkl @pksingh3232 @bhaskar2011 kya expect karr rahe ho ye WL me ?? :rolleyes: