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IIM Kozhikode 2013-15
Bhaskar Kashyap @bhaskar2011
Hi Guys, Congratulations for making it to this stage. I am an alumni of God's own Kampus and would love to help you guys with any sort of questions.
Bhaskar Kashyap @bhaskar2011

I will try to answer one by one... XLRI vs IIM K .. Tough Choice.. Definitely any one would love to be in this position.. It depends on your expectations from college, your profile, location preferences etc. (PM me for further details)

Alternative to God's own Kampus, probably you yourself can decide after going to this beautiful kampus

I don't know about the composite score stats for different categories. I will suggest you to not focus on it. Focus on the interviews and other things buddy. Good luck.

GEM with 99.1% --> Always have a good chance. Be positive and prepare well.

BCG, McKinsey and Accenture Management Consulting are regular recruiters at IIM Kozhikode. Very few MBA college in India curently where they all visit.

Sorry I cant help with this. Keep your fingers crossed. Even if you dont convert it not end of the world.

Cheers Guys.

Hi Guys,

Congratulations for making it to this stage.

I am an alumni of God's own Kampus and would love to help you guys with any sort of questions.

  • Yes , based on grades. 02 Apr.
IIM Kozhikode 2013-15
Piyush Pathak @pathak9810
Hi guys piyush here. 2013 mba completed. I work in PR and online marketing field. Looking to prepare CAT
Bhaskar Kashyap @bhaskar2011

Then be prepared to answer why are you doing MBA again. You will asked this question for sure if you can get calls from BLACKI.

a b @no_use
I typed out my answers and pressed 'save and continue'. It logged out and the answers were also not saved. Does anyone else face this problem?
Bhaskar Kashyap @bhaskar2011

Always have a backup of answers. Don't wait till the last hour to fill the forms.

Akhil Mathur @asm93
Does anyone know what all questions will IIM-K ask from the references I provide?
Bhaskar Kashyap @bhaskar2011

Most probably no questions as such will be asked on the references you provide.

Shashank Jain @shashankj3
I have filled the form for mentorship, by when would the mentors be assigned? I have my interview on 24 feb in delhi. Also, whom to contact to for assignment of mentors?
Bhaskar Kashyap @bhaskar2011

Dont worry dude. Mentors will be assigned soon. Till that time prepare yourself.

Priyanka Raj @mbagal01
Hi guys, I have been shortlisted for IIM Kozhikode and the New IIMs. But as per the rule if u get any older IIM calls the Neww IIMs share the scores of WAT-PI. Does that mean I can give WAT-PI for only KozhiKode? Although i have got mails from both and also filling both their forms.
Bhaskar Kashyap @bhaskar2011

Yes. This process is being followed for last 2 years. You will be interviewed for K. New IIMs will get your score from K.

palak grover @palak4891
need to withdraw ... mailed admission office but no replies plz help ... call is not being recieved
Amit Malhotra @amitmalhotra520
As expected 6th list bought lot of hopes ...with 20 in gen, 10 ppl in obc, 6 in sc, most of movement in next list will depend on iimL's next waitlist and some of withdrawals mainly by confused people. 7 has always been my lucky number ... and next list is 7th list :stuck_out_tongue: ...jai ho f...
Bhaskar Kashyap @bhaskar2011

When should we expect 4th list of IIM L to b out

Dhirendra Kumar @dhirendra678
Got the mail... Yeeepiiii..... i made it :smiley: