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Dear readers, _"Feedback is a business term which refers to the joy of criticizing other people's work. This is one of the few genuine pleasures of the job, and you should milk it for all it's worth."_ That's
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Nice to know PG is trying to improve...I have been with PG for more than 3 years and one thing I noticed is in earlier days PG was not updated frequently but now it's better

I'm sorry, marketing dept of manufacturing company?

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What is the profile offered for summer internship in manufacturing company of marketing department?

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_Pic by Max Wolfe Photostream_ In a bid to fill up 2,100 PGDM seats, about 52 b-schools in Maharashtra are, for the first time, conducting a centralized admission process for b-school aspirants. The service wi
Bharathwaj Mohan @Bharathwaj will JBIMS ever be a part of this inspite of being one of the most sought after b school? This is for b schools who wanna make quick money trying to woo not so bright students

The Surprise mail from AIM was sweet and thrilling. I saw the congratulations as the subject and there went my fist in the wall, banging it hard. It hurted but pain vanished like water evaporating in Delhi heat.
It wasnt my maiden sojourn to the Thrill and Anxiety Hill, but god i bet, this was the best of all.
My days this week have been prodigious with an unexpected double digit appraisal coming my way yesterday (which i wont be relishing for long now ;)) and the Admit mail coming today.

Simple but yet capacious are the words: I am In..

So poetic...I was refreshing my inbox when i recieved an email from AIM...Right from my 10th grade to engg results, i have logged-in waiting anxiously for the page to upload to check my results...But this was the first time i got the results when i expecting it the least...What an experience...Congrads to all those who made it
Hey Guys..

My mail says : I have been admitted to "Masters in Business administration (MBA) Program school year 2011 to 2012 (September Batch) with Pre-MBA."
Has everybody got that ? Also can some1 give an insight on this.
~ Himanshi

I called up the Mumbai office regarding the same...Pre-MBA is a 2 week induction program prior to your MBA...Nothin much to worry about it

Hey the results are out...Im in

Hi Sumedha

I am not 100% sure. But that's what a candidate heard from Mumbai office. I cannot gather the guts to call them uo and reconfirm the same. :(
And indeed it sucks to the heights of my imagination. Wait is bringing a toll on us. Letss keep the fingers crossed.


OMG...I wish it's not true...Btw, seems like you had an elaborate interview...I guess my interview lasted only for some 10 mins
VishalVerma1987 Says
boss if i am thru....i owe u beer.....

hey...I read your post...looks like you had a great interview experience...Let's wish for the best...having my fingers crossed:drinking:

Hey guys...come on, jump in and post your experiences